32123S@40125S Please help!

Hi, I’ve just overclocked my LTR-32123S to 40125S.

Everything seems to be working fine, but I remember last time when I burn disks I don’t get to choose Detect Maximum Speed, it is grayed out. When i burn the disk nero will say " Smart Burn enabled.

But now, I can choose detect maximum speed, should i enable it? What actually does it do?

When i start writing, it only shows Buffer Underrun Protection enabled. The word Smart Burn is not there anymore. Why is that so? Is it normal for 40125S or is it because of my overclocking? Smart Burn avialable and enabled Recorder -> Choose Recorder -> Options, this shows that Smart Burn is still there right?

But why when it started writing the word Smart Burn enabled is not there?

By the way I m using Nero
Please Help, I m puzzled.

P.S. The discs I burned with 40X are very successful but when I ran scandisk with disc in the writer it shows 100% GOOD, scandisk with my LTD-163D will somehow shows around 1% or less of damaged files/sectors.

Why is that so? I do backuping with CDRs all the time, will this cause my files to be unusable? Damaged etc etc???

Please Help…

P.S. What is force reading for? There are 1 and 2, should i enable any of them while copying disc?