32123S@40125S: I overclocked successfuly my LiteOn CDRW 32x12x40 drive

Well, first here is my PC configuration if this helps to anyone:

Gigabyte 7VTXH+ DDR266, ATA133, SB, LAN
CPU AthlonXP 1700+
RAM 256DDR PC2100
ASUS 7100Pro/SE Geforce2 MX/400 64MB DDR/TV-out
HDD 60GB Maxtor 6L060J3 7200RPM ATA133 connected as Primary Master
CD-RW LiteOn 32x12x40 with firmware XSOX.
Operating sistems - WindowsME and WindowsXP Pro + SP1

C: WindowsME (FAT32)
D: FAT32
E: FAT32
F: WindowsXP (NTFS)

I’m from Bulgaria, but my drive was bought in Germany in January 2002.
The original firmware was XS0K. I’ve flashed it a couple of months ago
with LiteOn firmware from their site to XSOX. So before actually overclocking
the drive - its firmware was XSOX - 512KB file size as BIN file.

Here is what I made to upgrade to 40x12x48:

  1. I created a DOS bootable diskette - WindowsME startup disk.

You’d better use Win98/ME startup disk, because I’ve run into problems using
low-level file managers using WindowsXP startup disk. As you can see using VER
when booted from WindowsXP diskette the OS version is WindowsME, but I’m
sure that it has problems with low-level disk programs. So try to find 98/ME
startup disk or if you’re using win98 - just press F8 at startup and choose
‘Safe Mode with Command Prompt Only’ or something like that.

  1. I booted the PC from floppy and choose Minimal Boot.

  2. Used mtkflash.exe to create a backup of my firmware.

DETAILS: My CDRW is connected to IDE as secondary slave using ATA133 cable.
I do not know why but when I connect it to secondary master - Nero InfoTool
shows that max. write speed is 16x. So the secondary slave works fine for me.
I have no other CDs or DVDs attached - only HDD and CDRW.
Better run mtkflash from Primary Master IDE HDD if you have FAT16/32 there :wink:
So I’ve copied the mtkflash.exe to c: emp, change the working directory to
c: emp and use the following command to create a backup ot my firmware.

c: emp\mtkflash 4 R /B /M XSOX.BIN

Where you can change the number 4 to one of the following depending on how your
CDRW is attached to the IDE controller

1: Primary master
2: Primary slave
3: Secondary master
4: Secondary slave <= I used that :slight_smile:

  1. Turn off the PC, and turning it on afrer about 30 seconds.

  2. Booted from diskette again and choose Minimal Boot.

  3. Extracted mike’s firmware into c: emp as XSU1.BIN - you can do it with
    WinZip, WinRAR, etc… :slight_smile:

  4. Used mtkflash to flash with the new firmware 40125S.

DETAILS: I typed the following command in c: emp\ directory:

c: emp\mtkflash 4 W /B XSU1.BIN

See above what the number 4 means - in my case - Secondary Slave.

  1. Turn off the PC, and turning it on afrer about 30 seconds.

  2. Hit DEL to go to BIOS and autodetect IDE devices again.

  3. Save changes and reboot into your favorite OS :slight_smile:

I have absolutely no problems with any program out there :slight_smile:
So I want to say BIG THANKS to mike who gave us this firmware!
You can see some benchmarks, infos below. Good luck flashing! :wink:

Old snapshot from my 32x12x40 drive.

New snapshot from my overclocked 32x12x40@40x12x48 drive. :slight_smile:

Nero CDSpeed 1.01.3 reading results with Samsung Premium 24x CD-R

Aint it beautiful :slight_smile:

Where might I find that XSU1 firmware?
I wanna try it now :slight_smile:


Sorry, ignore me…
I found the firmware here:

Click on Lite-On, then LTR-32123S




based on all the success stories I took the plunge last night and oc’d mine too works great thanx to all who have posted and linked to the files

Ok, my 32123S is now a 40125S, running well.

I had a problem with Nero to start with though. Version (which was bundled with my burner) didn’t do the leadout properly. It couls simulate at 32x ok, but would hang on the actual burn, and it wouldn’t simulate at 40x properly (again with the leadout).

I upgraded Nero to version and all works fine now.

Thanks to all who made this possible :slight_smile:

Jip, i’ve initially had the same problem with nero, but that was with the version before It would burn 40x no problem, but @32x it would occasionally hang at the end.

It seems that fixed that.

I oc/ed mine also , and wrote about 20 cd’s with it at 40x.

strange thing:

sometimes my drive freezes during writing, and the LED turns orange and keeps so for 30 seconds or so, and then it continues writing … ( although at a lower speed , i see it at the botton of the cd while it’s finished)

When I check the cd afterwards with ScanDsic, there are no errors…

Is it a buffer underrun thing?

no nothing with buffer underrun
Even when i write an image from my HD, even at 24x it does that…

I bought my 32123S drive when it was just released, maybe it’s because it is one of the early versions??