32123S->40125S flashed-now regular FW



I flashed my 32123S to a 40125S without problems.

Now I’m wondering if it would be possible to flash a regular 40125S firmware to match more media (as Lite-On’s webpage says)

Anyone tried the ZS0R on an overclocked 32123S?

Would be great because my drive recognises some 48x CDR media only as 32x burnable.


When you flash it with XSU1, the burner always remains a burner with chipset series 3. Don’t flash with firmware series 5!!!

It’s better XS0Z, I have a 24103S —> 32123S, if I change it in 40x with XSU1, it produced bad quality CD.


Here is some info from the big Liteon FAQ…

LTR-32123S: --> “3”-Chipset-based 40125S. Use this firmware , mediatek chipset. [tested by alexnoe]. Thanks to “ArekZ”, “Marius_The_Mad” and “Maik”!

LTR-40125S, 5-chipset: ZSxx
LTR-40125S, 3-Chipset: XSUx


CD Quality: XS0X > XS0Z >>> XSU1
Unfortunately, all the “cool” features (P-CAV recording, Mt. Rainier) are in the latter 2 firmwares.