321 Studios will release DVD transcoding tool, DVDxCopy Express

I just posted the article 321 Studios will release DVD transcoding tool, DVDxCopy Express.

 321  Studios, the company that is currently fighting against the  Hollywood studios to allow home users to make backups of their DVD 

movies, will now also release an express version of their…

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and with their track record, it’ll be about 7/8 updates before the bugs are ironed out! :frowning: No thanks…DVD2ONE for me.

not this time, and besides you still need other 3rd party software to use DVD2ONE, and they are also still releasing updates, it’s not bug free either. DVDX Copy will be the way to go, just wait and see…

They probably bought DVD2one code to create DVDxCopy Express.

According to what I could make from talking to mr Moore, this is their own transcoding engine. But not 100% sure.

Please tell Mr. Moore that rebates are bad for business. As a consumer, I hate them. Gimme the price up front. Keep the price at what it was (or lower it) and throw in DVDXCopy Express for free.

I don’t know much about this whole stuff, since I copy only to vhs, so what’s a DVD-9 and why isn’t it possible to copy from a DVD-9 dvd to a DVD-9 dvd-r? aren’t there DVD-9 dvd-rs on the market?

The DVD-9 problem. On the market today, I have not seen a DVD+or-R that is dual layer which means up to 9.4 GB. I have seen DVD-RAM disks up to 9.4 but not + and - DVD R’s. Until a company makes a drive to support the 9.4 GB in DVD-r or DVD+R. The Next thing is that DVDXCopy stole this idea from DVDShrink (Which is free by the way). What would you rather have 0$ or 100.00$. The choice is yours. I much rather have my nero working than have DVDXCopy. Later Buster

OH OH… I know… 321 should give it away, cuz the spirit of the internet is that everything is free… so yah… since they are talking about it online, it should be free. OH, and since I mentioned yesterday that I have pictures of my car online, IT should be free too, I’ll call the manufacturer. Oh no … I’m selling my house and its posted on the internet, so it should be free too! And any evolution of the product should make it cheaper, not more expensive, no matter how many man-hours it takes to develop a product. SURE SURE! Uhm, you are talking about Socialism, and it doesn’t work. Everyone provide for the goodness of providing, and we’ll all grow. BAH! It doesn’t work like that. Go work for free and see how far it gets you. ugh. 321 Studio’s attempt will be mixed at best, end up probably doing nothing, we’ll see. Kinda strange that they brought the suit on themselves though. Good luck… personally, making your own personal archives are no big deal to me, bad thing is there aren’t any discs that support the high density DVD’s that movies come on. Blah, I want the entire thing, makes no sense to have just the movie and the original gets scratched and you have to go out and buy another copy.

To answer your reply. You CAN HAVE all the menus with DVDShrink. All you need is Smartripper 2.41 - rip the whole movie, I MEAN, whole entire movie on to your harddrive in its own folder. You can demacrovision, region free it twice (under dvdshrink settings), Now make a new folder for your reencode with dvdshrink open dvdshrink, either version 1.02 or 1.03, goto files and find your movie, then pick the “*.ifo” named VIDEO_TS.IFO (This has will program all the menus into the disk when reencoded). Then click next. On the next screen, click reencode. Choose the compression that suits the disk best, under 4.38GBS, then make it reencode to the new folder. Open up Nero, then dvd, dvd other formats, DVD-video. Place the reencode files into the Video_TS folder. Leave the Audio_TS. Burn the disk suited for you dvd player at home, and some dvd-rom drives will not read the disk (I have to toshiba 1612’s one will read, one will not because one is 6 months older than the other). I know how to do this because I have made a backup of the Matrix with all menus, and Red dragon with all menus. If you do not understand this. Check out the help file for dvdshrink (very good help system). Later buster

According to 321 Studios, the software will be able to create a backup of a DVD-9 movie to a DVD-5 disc in about 30 minutes… ************************** Uh… anyone else notice the time elapsed and time remaining… that adds up to more like 40min… and this is step one of two!? Unless the estimate is for both steps I’d say they have some seriously non-standard minutes at 321 Studios… :wink: // swede_242

or a very slow computer but it’s pretty dense to include such a picture in your marketing mumbo jumbo :)… // swede_242

The process I described above takes about 1 hour and half. I much like the region free, demacrovision (difference in lighting of picture from dark to very bright), and all the menus. It may take 3 times as long. But the cool thing is that, There is not a tag created that can trace the disc back to a specific (your) computer (unless nero puts makes a tag -I do not know if it does). Here is a question What would you rather have - Nero or DVDXCopy (Nero is incompatible with the burn engine of DVDXCopy)?

There is not a tag created that can trace the disc back to a specific (your) computer (unless nero puts makes a tag -I do not know if it does). ******************************* I actually purchased DVDXCopy a while ago and the absolute first thing I did was remove the watermarkings. Then I removed the block that doesn’t allow you to make a copy of a copy and the annoying “is this rented” crap and finally the whole license wrapper. Once these small modifications were done the program actually rocks for creating full movie copies. I am still holding out for CloneDVD for compressed 1 disk copies though… until then it’s DVDShrink all the way baby… // swede_242