321 Studios to drop DeCSS support from its DVD copying software

I just posted the article 321 Studios to drop DeCSS support from its DVD copying software.

 Despite the Judge's ruling on 321 Studios, the company has announced that it  will continue to sell its DVD-copying software but without the capability to  descramble CSS protected DVDs.  ...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7818-321-Studios-to-drop-DeCSS-support-from-its-DVD-copying-software.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7818-321-Studios-to-drop-DeCSS-support-from-its-DVD-copying-software.html)

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I guess SlySoft is going to be selling quite a few more copies of AnyDVD :B

Yeah but they’ll be next to get sued for sure.

Thier located out on some Pacific Island. The long arm of greed will have to stretch far to grab them.

Don’t need their own DeCSS ability anyways. DVD Decrypter + CloneDVD will do the job 100% better than this crap.

I don’t understand that MPAA is spending so much money on sueing software that includes decss code. CSS is not a secret anymore. The decss code is spread all over the world and any attempt to regain control of it is wishful thinking.

This proves that MPAA is run by old and aging money grabbing idiots, none of them have any understanding or logic on how to use this all new technology towards better tommorow.

They are gearing up for the dual layer burning technology that has them scared out of their wits! They want to make it as difficult as possible for any copying to be done. :d
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Anyone with half a wit wil use the free DVD Decrypter when the DVD9 come out anyway.

The proverb “Don’t shut the gate after the horse has bolted” springs to mind…