321 Studios to donate 1 million to EFF from web site sales

I just posted the article 321 Studios to donate 1 million to EFF from web site sales.

 DVD backup software maker 321  studios has promised up to 1 million dollars to the EFF  in order to fight  for fair use legislation. If you purchase  a Lite-On drive bundled with...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7108-321-Studios-to-donate-1-million-to-EFF-from-web-site-sales.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7108-321-Studios-to-donate-1-million-to-EFF-from-web-site-sales.html)

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:d I cannot see why the movie indistry is against the backing up of any thing I bought for my own use. they get money for the cd/dvd blanks and the samee argument about vcr’s and tapes has shown that the sales have not been hampered so why go after DVD’s go after the people that are mass producing dvds and selling them. that is the crime not the home user that paid for the movie only to wait a year later and have the price come down to a couple of dollars because it is not selling any more. 321 studios has not violated any laws they are selling a product which allows the end user to make a leagle copy of what they own. yes the same software can be used illiegal but that is for them to go after the people making money off the selling of illegal copies.

The movie & music industry think they license you the content. That is one of the reasons the music business has always gone after 2nd hand shops that sell used CDs. Much like if you leased or rented a car then entered it into a cross county race where it was used and damaged. Or on if you saw jackass they rented a car then entered it into a demolition derby and returned it. I gave $ 65 to the EFF this year it’s not a lot but I figure its better then nothing, and every year I’ll probably give about the same. Anyone who causes the RIAA/MPAA pain is a friend of mine, and I only wish I had zillions to give to them. If you care about things but don’t want to stick a pipe bomb in someone mailbox (I’m not the type) then support the EFF and others who fight the good fight. https://secure.eff.org/