321 Studios sued over their Games X Copy software

I just posted the article 321 Studios sued over their Games X Copy software.

 DamnedIfIknow let it slip in our     news  submit  that 321 is under the legal crosshairs again. This time with the newer software of theirs. The dreaded Games X Copy.                           ...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8520-321-Studios-sued-over-their-Games-X-Copy-software.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8520-321-Studios-sued-over-their-Games-X-Copy-software.html)

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I don’t know why as I got v1.08 and it is pure and utter garbage [B](It couldn’t even touch securerom from the first Half-Life game)[/B] <ul>so that just about sums it up!!<ul> Greets to all Intercept…:S You can get it here while the URL still works [B]http://www.nycsoftware.com/download/Games X Copy/GamesXCopy_v1.0.8_full_install.exe[/B]
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Lol that software is useless anyway

The software’s usefullness is not the point here. The point is that your rights and my rights are gone. Also the company is shutting down because they can’t afford to defend themselves. Goodbye, 321 Software, we’ll miss u.:c


This is ridiculous. Don’t we as consumers have the right to 1 full backup copy of our games? Shouldn’t we be able to sue THEM for infringing on OUR RIGHTS? If they’re so opposed to letting us make our own backups, why not just put 2 copies in the box with one clearly labelled backup… I’m sure the extra 3 cents it will cost to burn another cd won’t be a big deal for them…

why are they attacked everytime?? and not other companies also? Is it because they are from the US?

Their response to backups: “You can make a backup of our games - you just can’t pybass our copy protection system.” It is no different than MPAA. Legally you CAN make a backup of your movie - provided you don’t bypass the CSS. Their response to including backups: “You will just give/sell it to your friends.”

being a legitimate owner of several SW’s from this company, I checked their website last night…in the first moment the Product/version/status made sense…for example they list a current version for DVDXCOPY PLATINUM (RF) and stated it was “ripper free”…fine…but when I followeed the links to the current upgrade/download and entered my REAL registration data, the website just says the equivalanet of TOO BAD…nothing here!!! Further, while I did purchase and have the latest “useful” (eg CSS enabled) versions, since every installation has to be web/phone enabled I have the feeling that…very soon, I (for example) I reinstall Windows and then have to reinstall the 123 studio products that I’ll be screwed as it seems obvious that soon their company will close. GEE…it really makes sense to PAY for software…or does it? btw…I waited from Nov 2003 until end May 2004 for a 123 rebate…finally, I phoned (3rd time) and got nonsense answers…like “we don’t have enough people”…to which I said, “What you seem not to have is enough money”!.. Then asked for a supervisor, and began to explain that unless I had my rebate in 7 days, I would contact the NY State Attornies office concerning their fraud…guess what I got the check and it cleared the bank!!!

mrdisk: It takes serious cojones to kick a man when he’s down, Mr. Whiner. The company is in serious trouble and will likely close very shortly as you noted. I’m sure you’re happy you got your pound of flesh (that pittance of a rebate) a la Shylock. Given your attitude and inability cut 321 some slack based on what they are going through, I reckon you’ll get what you deserve when they go under: Nothing. Putz…