321 Studios shuts down piracy suspect, prevention measures working

I just posted the article 321 Studios shuts down piracy suspect, prevention measures working.

PIRACY SUSPECTPreliminary Injunction and Transfer Motions to be
heard in New York City Court Today
321 Studios (321) declares that its piracy
prevention measures are…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7711-321-Studios-shuts-down-piracy-suspect-prevention-measures-working.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7711-321-Studios-shuts-down-piracy-suspect-prevention-measures-working.html)

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Why would a pirate use this software? Lets face it you’re gonna get caught, this guy must’ve been a complete donut! Nope only the sensible avoid this package…that is until fair use rights around the world are finally settled one way or another…

[sarcasm]Wow, they’re really my heroes now[/sarcasm]

Oh, remote de-activation. Nice.

Not allowing the software to access the net should make this impossible, unless they use telepathy to gain access to it :B

:d How can someone knowing that the copy’s that he making is going to have the water mark & that screen before the moive telling that its a backup of the DVD. And then sell them.:X What is this guy smoking !!Must be some Killer Stuff,This guy is DUMB as they get.And why would any one use 321 Studios Software its Junk!! To maney Freeware that do a much better job of backing up your own DVD :B

That’s a nice advertisement to not use/purchase their software :smiley:

An electronic watermark that can trace any backup copy made with DVDXCOPY back to the original point of purchase allowing 321 Studios to remotely de-activate the software and prevent further misuse.

This is why he should have pirated the damned software too. :slight_smile:

What else they hide in this software?.. trojans, bd’s, keyloggers, ohh! I can’t wait to install this proggie in my computer! :+

Another reason why I use DVDShrink…

DVDShrink doesn’t burn DVDs. You still need a burn program. If the other burn softwares also put spy information on the copied DVD you’re f*cked - no matter what program you use for reading out.