321 Studios releases DVDXCopy v1.5.2, fixes several bugs

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321 Studios has  released a new version of their DVDXCopy software  yesterday. As some of our visitors will know, 321 Studios is currently fighting  a 'fair use' legal battle against...
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I don’t really get the point of this software, reading between the lines (various forums) it seems to have a lot of problems, in particular backing up discs that are series rather then just a film. Therefore we can conclude that it is surely better to use a combination of DVD Decrypter, DVD2One and Nero. None of which I’ve ever had a problem with when archiving away ANY of my DVDs, be they a movie only backup or a 121 archive.

dvd2one is nice program but dvdxcopy back ups the whole movie if i am correct…it doesn’t compress It is not worse then other programs around…every new program has it problems

Sorry but you’re wrong there damiandimitri. All 1:1 DVD back-up software has to compress since a DVD±R(W) disc can only hold 4.4GB and most movies are over 6GB (at least).

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I swear every time there is a news post about DVDXCopy, someone says the same thing. :r

I tried dvdxcopy and I was unhappy with the results of the movies. Since the advent of DVDShrink, I use Smartripper 2.41 (rip the whole movie), DVDShrink (use the whole movie - VIDEO_TS.ifo file) to keep the menus - reencode, then burn with Nero. I have had better results this way.

it splits the dvd…it doesn’t compress… it splits the dvd so it fits on 2 dvd… but perhaps this changed from the early version i tested (dvd writables and rewritables can contain 4.7 gig…while dvd 5 has 4.4 gig)
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Sounds like we’re back to DVDs being little more than high quality VCDs to me… The same thing needs to be said Ian@CDRLabs.com so’s that peeps don’t waste money on duff or average products…

i hate to loose quality…that makes dvd so superior

Ah I see… Personally I’d rather have a compressed movie than a split movie (one full DVDR disc with an extra one with only the end of the movie). DVD2one works great for me and when I use the movie only mode I cannot tell the difference between the original DVD and the back-up, eventhough it has been compressed.

I’m using pinnacle instant copy, works great for me ot as fast as dvd2one but i’m letting it run at night, so in the morning a nice copy with all the extra’s