321 Studios must stop selling backup software

I just posted the article 321 Studios must stop selling backup software.

                                I hate to be the  one to report this very disappointing bit of legislation that has spewed forth from the  State of California. Much like the stench from...
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I think this was needed. I don’t think 321 Studios should have to stop selling the software, but we do need this in the courts. Once there, we need some judges who will actually rule based on laws/rights instead of Industry money. I believe we already have laws for people who illegally sell copies of movies or pirate them. Use them instead of trying to legislate our ability to protect our investments away. If Disney (for example) would allow people to send them a scratched dvd that no longer plays and replace it with a new one for under $2 (w/ s&h) people may be less inclined to make copies.

:S Well now mabey some of the people that have been makeing 321Studios Rich.Will wake up and see that there is Free Program that do a much better job of back up your DVD.:d

I make copies for one reason and one reason only, I put them in my van for my little one to watch when we leave the house. 321 now has to take it to the appeals court that has been over turned and considered maverick for a long time now, lets see how they respond.

Enough with the conspiracy theories! Hollywood and Arnold have nothing to do with the ruling, unless you can support your theory that the judge is corrupt. His ruling was a perfectly reasonable interpretation of the DMCA. We new it was evil when our US legislature passed it - now THOSE are the guys who legally allowed to take Hollywood money. Unfortunately, DVDXCopy was the one that included the annoying disclaimer, and that wasn’t enough legal cover for the “fair use” arument. I’ve been using the DVD Decryptor/Pinnacle InstantCopy combo, because I didn’t want a warning, and I don’t like the quality of DVD Shrink compression. Since the DeCSS is the problem, I won’t have to change my method yet, but how long until they go after sites that host DVD Decryptor? :o

Kirby_1 you are corrrect about that Terminator remark so I have removed it. :slight_smile: We need to stick to the facts. ~Crabby

Hollywood uber alles. :r

Won’t be long before thay go after other software like this.:r

Yeap Shayde, definitely a payoff. Money talks!
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This is wrong there are people out there that make back ups for one reason and that’s to protect there investments in DVD’S. iv got around 350 DVD’S and have not backed a single one up YET. but im going to and I don’t care what the people say, iv worked hard and spent a lot of my money buying the DVD’S and if I want to back them up for my personal use I will do that. for some reason if they was to get lost damaged or anything else at least I wood still have a copy of the DVD’S. But now by the looks of it this is not going to be an option.

Wow! Although I do not like this software personally, what Dan Bell said in the article about precedent is absolutely true! Now that precendent has been set, anyone who tries using a similar argument as 321 Studios used will beaten down very quickly. This could be very bad news for all DVD-Ripping/buring software, as going after them using precedence will make it almost child’s play for prosecuters. I really hope that they do get this verdict overturned. We will be losing a lot of our own rights if this goes to far.

never fear, there are always loop holes. It will never get to the stage that we won’t be able to backup our dvds

What the hell if they do go after it, it’s too late now, it’s out in the wild and can be passed person, to person, via CD, floppy disk, email. Websites are opptional you might say… :d