321 Studios introduce the DVDXTREME DVD copy suite

I just posted the article 321 Studios introduce the DVDXTREME DVD copy suite.

321 Studios
(321), already the leader in DVD
backup, recovery, and creation software, now introduces the next evolution of
the company’s breakthrough DVD and CD creation software -…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8023-321-Studios-introduce-the-DVDXTREME-DVD-copy-suite.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8023-321-Studios-introduce-the-DVDXTREME-DVD-copy-suite.html)

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Since the courts cut them off at the knees, they expect us to pay for “ripper free” software ? Sorry, there is plenty of good freeware programs that do what you can’t do anymore. R.I.P.

You should read the front page a little better I think. A ripper included version is still available, also as an upgrade for the ripper free version. Read more here :slight_smile:

G@M3FR3@K it’s good to see our Briton freinds are on the job. :wink:

who in their right mind would dish out money for a for ripper free software,I just don’t understand.

Their transconding engine is also worth some money :slight_smile:

This is brand new software, there are no Ripper Included copies out there. Although there are programs that will help rip.

Always makes me laugh how many people go on about a prog’s ability to rip. People, what is the problem if it can’t??? DVD Decrypter, CladDVD, Smartripper and a host of others can do this in minutes for you for FREE so how is this considered a problem? As DoMi said surely the transcode properties should be the thing you guy’s moaning about the ripping should be considering? lol Why do so many continue to make something look like a problem when it so clearly is not? :+

Lazza 321 will be glad to accept your $79.00. It will help to pay legal fees. meanwhile I’ll put my money into Nero.

Shoot! I’m still waiting for version that we can deselect titles, audios, subtitles and re-encode to 1 disk! :r What’s up with Derrow anyways?

I would not give money to either 321 or Nero tobor49 as there is much better soft around than that for FREE. :B DVD Shrink + Burnatonce is not only FREE but far superior in every dept for DVD transcode/burn IMHO and IC 8 or CCE for longer discs give great results too. What something costs in £’s is no real indication of it’s actual real value to the end user. :wink:

Well said Lazza. Bartender, another round !