321 Studios has released GAMESXCOPY

I just posted the article 321 Studios has released GAMESXCOPY.

 Yakamoto25 used our    news submit  to tell us  that the new GAMESXCOPY             is now available at 321 Studios.       1. Back Up your ENTIRE PC Game collection!                GAMESXCOPY...
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It’s already in the copy protection forum it has been since way early this morning. and there is also a thread started, this game copy software fails on several fronts, it will not physically back-up any game with the newer protections, at this point in time this software is useless.

Kamakazi- the thread doesn’t show up in search as it has a space in it plus you forgot the letter"s". ie game xcopy. I was finally able to find your excellent post located in the recording software forum by perfoming a search for xcopy. I can’t find anything in the copy protection forum at all. Not only does this program not seem to work it is a PIA to spell. :wink: You may want to fix it so others can find it easily. There is some very good information there.
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I can’t change it myself so here’s the link into the forums: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=86959

A “Blindwrite team member” is testing a competition software of an other company… I think this is a “No, no”… I have tested the software myself today and it worked for me… Even with one device “kamikazee” wasn’t able to work with… Isn’t this strange? I thought untill today that the Blindwrite team don’t need to talk bad about other products… Don’t they sell anymore? :slight_smile:

again an attack against vso … come on, please tell us which cd did you succeed to backup … and as it is a subset of alcohol, people should buy a copy of alcohol instead this tool which has less features and cost more.

The 60.00 was shelled out, and was as objective as possible I didn’t talk bad about just noticed limitations I knew someone would responf like you did, I see I am not the only one that paid the 60.00 and that you did too. I am glad it worked for you. You see right now there is no trial download, the only way to get it is one a beta-tester for 321, pay the 60.00 or an illlegal download, I am working with their tech team to resolve the problem, as I said I have the email to show this is a preoblem that can be reproduced by their tech team. As usual you can choose to dow with the information what you want. Just because I test for one company I guess I am not allowed to buy and test anything else.

Oh and please tell me which device you used that is being recognized in your system and not mine, you say you tested it but I have not found any information from your tests, please post something so I may try again and correct what may be wrong with what I wrote.

yeah ok another copy all program sure!!why not release something that will copy for example tages and starforce properly…then we talk about a program that is capable of doing the proper job,u guys there are very talented but lets get one thing straight if u want us to dish out 60$ for this and that i dont mind only and only if its capable of doing the newer protections.my 2 cents worth.

Hey, this is getting funny! I don’t made a “attack against VSO”, why do you have such a sheer skin? :slight_smile: I just wrote that the software worked fine for me and that it is eye-catching that now already two (or three?) people from the Blindwrite team attack the software from a competitor. I am from Germany (Cologne) and I am not in any association with any software company… Just my 2 cents. :X By the way, I tested your software today and I don’t like the interface. Haven’t you realized that users are different and that even user systems are different. One software that may work for one user don’t has to work automatically for an other user…

@Sisa, I have conducted a search for you name in the forums to see if I can find where you posted any settings and the devices used to make a good copy and cannot find any, please post your results to include settings and devices in this thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=86959 and I will be more than happy to update to reflect whether or not it worked. There are several people on their own forums that are having issues and it would be good to lend us a hand at using this new software.