321 studios files complaint against 9 production companies

I just posted the article 321 studios files complaint against 9 production companies.

321 Studios who make software to backup DVD’s have filed a complain against 9 major movies production companies.

The companies wanted 321 Studios to stop production of their DVD Copy Plus…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3738-321-studios-files-complaint-against-9-production-companies.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3738-321-studios-files-complaint-against-9-production-companies.html)

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This is a smart move for companies, Instead of sitting around nervously waiting to see if they are going to be sued by the music industry, you just take the whole thing straight to court in the first place and get what your doing declared legal so that they cant turn around later and try and sue you. It’s a really smart way of doing it cause they cant take you to court to sue you if you have already been told by a court that it’s legal.

C’mon Nila…you know it’s not a matter of right or wrong, or morality,…it’s a matter of who’s got the most money and the smartest lawyers…:7

Sheriff, thats a rather cynical view of the American justice system… but unfortuately one that often seems in my opinion to be justified.

You guyz are forgetting the fact that the MPAA can counter-sue… Which could settle in their favor! Sad state of affairs! Ohh having lots of money to get the smartest lawyers really doesnt matter in cases like this… Its how much money you can throw into someones political campaign which gets you results!

MPAA can’t exactly counter-sue because their eligibility to file suit is dependent on the outcome of 321’s current lawsuit. Basically, 321 took the legal initiative away from the MPAA. They go into court as a plaintiff claiming to be bullied, not as a defendent answering accusations that it aids piracy. This changes the tone of the debate and gives them at least some chance to win outright before a larger legal battle they could not afford. I would love to see a court rule that 321 manufactures a legitimate back-up utility and that MPAA members must stop calling them pirates and accusing them of crminal activity. I doubt this’ll happen but by suing first they at least bought a chance.