321 Studios (DVDxCopy) fights DVD copier lawsuit in United Kingdom

I just posted the article 321 Studios (DVDxCopy) fights DVD copier lawsuit in United Kingdom.

321 Studios, the developers
of DVDxCopy are
currently sued in the United States and the United Kingdom because
their software circumvents the copy protection system used on DVDs. According to…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6965-321-Studios-DVDxCopy-fights-DVD-copier-lawsuit-in-United-Kingdom.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6965-321-Studios-DVDxCopy-fights-DVD-copier-lawsuit-in-United-Kingdom.html)

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If the movie companies lowered the UK price of a DVD from £20 to a fair price of say £5-7 they would have nothing to fear. Pure greed - You reap what you sow! :stuck_out_tongue:

First off 321 Studios sued the MPAA and then the MPAA filed a counter suit, so lets straighten that out right now. Second off as much as the MPAA doesn’t want to believe in the people like me, I don’t use DVD XCopy Xpress to pirate movies I use them to make back-ups I can put in my van for the long road trips, my kids like watching movies when we’re cruising across the country.

im sorry but on the mpaa side on this! theres no need to backup your DVDs because if theres a fault with your dvd they will send you a new one in a couple of months! Mpaa are twats!

Plainly ridiculous. First RIAA went nuts, now it’s MPAA. For one thing even if 99% ppl are using this software to pirate discs, which I highly doubt, the other 1% should still have a right to backup their discs. For other thing this new lawsuit is nothing new, remember that incredibly stupid CSS protection which was hacked in no time? And what about dividing the world into “regions”? What if I want to move? I’ll have to bring my own DVD player? Ha… And now this… I’m getting really pissed of by the RIAA/MPAA. Come on, most of the ppl use DVD copier software to backup their own movies, say one for car and another one for work so that they wouldn’t have to take their original with them all the time. They don’t go burning hundreds of copies and sell them to their friends, that’s ridiculous!!! If they want to stop the DVDcopying software than they should replace bad DVDs to their owners at the price of the media. Say my favourite movie went bad after one year and now it won’t play in my DVD player, I can’t return it to the store because it’s too late and I didn’t make a working backup because of this new stupid lawsuit. In this case I should clearly be able to send them my DVD disc that went bad and they should send me a brand new one for the price of the media - $ 1.00 even - now we’re talking… But that’s never gonna happen, so I say MPAA - piss off… Edit for typos and dollar bug.
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noonie you are clueless. As if they will send you a ‘free’ replacement DVD everytime your kids put a big scratch on a disc. What a complete moron you must be.

I think noonie was being sarcastic, otherwise he wouldn’t have used “twat”.

IMHO, kids should be taught to handle DVDs with care. Then they wouldn’t get scratched in the first place. If they can’t use them without scratching them, then they should be using them.

it’s clear to me that kafoopsy has never had children

Do one im with you on that one he/she does not have kids or his/her kids are one in a 1000000… Anyway I say 321 has got a good fight and we should all be aloud to back up are own DVD’S of what we own for are own use. if not then the Studios who make the DVD’S should send us a replacement if it gets scratched

technically, since science has proven that destructive microorganisms can grow on cds/dvds, does this reinstate the legal right to back-up those types of media (e.g. magnetic floppys)? if it does, than 321 has every right to provide the software for it!