321 Studios DVD X Copy

Has anyone used this sounds like a good all in one solution I do not plan on copying many dvd’s …yet I just purchased the Sony DRU-510A tonight and ordered the new Pinnacle DV Box so I can easily get all my old 8mm, vhs and mini dv onto my computer hardware converted and then burn to DVD which I now I can easily do with the software and equipment I currently have .
I just want the best and easiest software to make backups of my DVD’s if I chose ( have about 100+ ) and have had 2 quit working
I apoligize for the long post but any help would be great especially if anyone has any experience with 321 Studios DVD X Copy Thanks :confused: :confused:

DXC is for 2 clicking J6Ps who like to waste money. For authoring home made DVDs, Nero Burning ROM, a far superior application, has the option to do so.

I think I have the authoring home made DVD software taken care of. What I need is the ability to make copies/backups of my store bought DVD collection most would be copy protected. That is why I asked about X Copy…I have clone cd how is Ollies new Clone DVD working I do not want to use something that is to much of a pain in the ass to make work but I also want extrodanary results from my copy protected dvd collection:bigsmile: I live in US and all of my DVD’s are US if this makes any diff as you can see I am new to the DVD burning world but have been burning cd copies/ images for 4 or 5 years now:bigsmile:

This is the program for you then for backing up your dvd collection. I use it for the same thing and it couldn’t be easier. Nothing wrong with being a 2 click whatever it is !! ha hah ah:bigsmile: