321 Studios/DVD X Copy makers sued to death

This sucks. The software company that brought us DVD X Copy (amongst others) has folded:

Hollywood and makers of computer games finally finished off 321 Studios Inc. on Tuesday, when Moore’s once self-described “magnificent venture” quietly folded under the mounting weight of piracy-related lawsuits and unfriendly court orders.

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Finally!!! Die ass pirates and don’t ever come back.

Although i did not like dvdxcopy a lot I do admire the way 321 studios fought for our rights…

Amen to that!

Now that 321Studios is gone, I wonder if Derrow will once again work on improving IFOEdit. I remember he stopped updating it once he joined the now defunct company.

Makes one wonder if 123 DVD Copy may be the next target…

More info.

That doesn’t only concerns pirates. :frowning:

who cares, all 321 did was mod freeware in a user-friendly interface. dvd shrink will do a far better job, new version will burn as well :slight_smile:

I could never get things going right with dvd x copy then upgraded to platnum and still get it right untill i got shrink and decrytor

:bow: dvd decryptor :bow: dvd shrink :bow:


'tis true, dvd shrink rules over 321


i suppose but it shows that companies that aid piracy do get sued to, but they wont hav to pay like normal people do :frowning: