321 studios cdX rescue

:bow: Hello all,
I hope that Iโ€™m in the right forum. If not please direct me.
I purchased 321 studios cdX rescue some time ago as a close out. I have reenstalled it on a reformatted harddrive. When I try to reregistar I get (this software has been registered already) can anyone help? or am I S.O.L. Thank you in advance :bow:

Due to there is no way to activate or register this software or 321 at all for that matter I am thinking youโ€™re S.O.L. But maybe someone knows more on this than I.

Thanks Dr.Who,

You might ask in this thread is there something like it you can get free or not though.

But it seems such a waste not to use the program I legally purchased.
Does anyone know of a program that does the same thing as cdx rescue or a way of getting it to work?

Yes where there is a will there is always a way! :iagree: Google is your best friend. :iagree:

Thanks to all that replyed. I will try the web. โ€œbutโ€ if someone can chime in with additional help Iโ€™d be very grateful.