321 Studios calls for five days of protest, March 1 - 5 2004

I just posted the article 321 Studios calls for five days of protest, March 1 - 5 2004.

If you’ve ever photocopied a page of a book
you own, made a cassette from your own music collection, or created a back-up
copy of a VHS tape - you’ve exercised your fair use rights under…

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I sent mine in and found the process very simple and straightforward. It only took about 2 minutes or so. I urge everyone to please take the time and email. Your zip code will give you the addys. We don’t want the likes of the MPAA telling us what we can do. Remember this? Jack Valenti, head of the Motion Picture Association of America, has suggested that consumers have no legitimate need for such software. He told The Associated Press in November, “If you buy a DVD you have a copy. If you want a backup copy you buy another one.” I beg to differ. :frowning:

How can i vote if im in the uk

Don’t worry if we lose here you will get a chance. :wink:

Hey how about they donate the software and then we could donate some money the church does it when they marry, :b:B:B:B:B

Nah, I don’t think people make backup copies because they have original. People make backups because they want to copy the movie then return the original. It’s that simple. Not everyone here buys a copy then make a backup. If an original is there why copy it as a backup purpose, that excuse is not good enough. Besides, if DVD device is bad enough to scratch DVD, it would have been either cleaned or trashed before it can cause further damages to other DVDs.

Oi!!! masterbw…tell me…does jack kiss ya after buttslamming ya???..you obviously don’t have, never had or never associated with kids or you would realise that kids and CD DVD VHS players don’t mix ( I forget the amount of times I’ve had to pull cheese slices ,crusts etc out of my 3.5 floppy drive)…A backup is a right not a boone granted by sir jack and his knights of the money table…mebbe you could join them as court jester or stable bum…er boy… :X

Whether making backups for your media is reason enough or not to have the right to fair use is irrelivant. Fair use is simply a right we have, and corporate money machines are lining their pockets while they rape our rights. The DMCA and other Hollywood lobbyists have muddied the waters that were once clear when it came to copyright laws. The boundries were once well defined, but those clear lines are fading. It’s a real shame.

Come on now - you’re all as bad as Jack for bullshitting. We all know that any copying program is for saving us the xpense of buying the (usually) superior (quality, packaging, compatability ) original. The artistic merits of modern mainstream movies, on the other hand, being so contrived, formulated & pretentious is reason enough to say COPY the crap … to your heart’s content.

My letters were sent… If you live outside the US any 5 digit zip code will do… Hell, use the RIAA’s or MPAA’s address!! :d

There needs to be no contemplation on the justification of our right to what is deemed “fair use”, for in a court of law (usa or anywhere else) any glibbed tongue mealymouth could stand up and give a picture of his clients original concept of their idea of fair use, which would differ greatly from that of the enduser/consumer . In the greater picture, what will be on trial here is the implication of fair use not only in media but across a broad range of products or services both industrial and humanitarian. fer instance…if the media corporations are allowed to abrogate their fair use policy (wether stated or implied) where would it stop. Here I will assume that most people will realise that a contract is not written in blood…Whats to stop an insurance company deem your recently purchased stolen car had, by their standards, been fairly used and you would only get a fraction of the value regardless of the agreed contract. the idea of “fair use” is a principle and neither side set the standard but in fact agree to some middle ground…jack valenti’s statement is typical of those, driven by ambition and greed, see it slipping from their grasp. Their reaction is to then bath us in their verbal diarrhoea… Frankly jack my option is a hell of a lot simpler than reading the waffle I just posted…If I buy it , it’s mine…not yours…not ours…MINE…and I’ll do with it what I like…the artist and actors get a good share up front…if the lack of money ruins their greedy creative genius…F**K 'em…they’re innit for all the wrong reasons…kiss mine… :X
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I When it comes to protected media (ex DVD encryption), I would be willing to give up my right at “fair use” in the contect of a backup if the movie studios would give free replacements, plus actual (media mail is only $ 1 or less) shipping costs, after a defective disc was mailed to them.
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I alerted all local media as well as made all my phone calls today. Only thing is couldnt do tuesday cuz I cant find a link and I started a little late. guess I should check the news a bit more frequently. Rhelic has a good point. Although it is a pain to deal without your DVD/Music/Software(games or what not) for a few days they should setup some type of system to get a new original cd so long as you ship them your defective one. In software case sense cd-keys are widely used simply sending out another copy without even recieving the original in order to save the consumer on shipping should be enough. Expecially if you have already registered your product. This should come at a small cost as well. atleast you wont have to make a back up copy of everything you own and although cd’s are dirt cheap paying for shipping may turn out ot be cheaper for consumer.