321 Studios announces it will appeal the court ruling

I just posted the article 321 Studios announces it will appeal the court ruling.

ST. LOUIS '“ 321 Studios (321) will appeal today’s ruling of the Northern District Court of California’s Judge Susan Illston, and will seek a stay during the appeal process. 'Despite…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7800-321-Studios-announces-it-will-appeal-the-court-ruling.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7800-321-Studios-announces-it-will-appeal-the-court-ruling.html)

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:S All this is doing is drawing a lot of att.So that will draw more sales on the thought that it mite not be able to purchase it.The Question is Why !!!321Studio loves all this free advertizing.My self i think all there product SUCK and would never buy them. The Word is FreeWare Rules:d

'There is no difference between making a copy of a music CD for personal use and making a backup of a DVD movie for personal use." Obviously there is, or else the DMCA wouldn’t apply. The ruling says that removing CSS is illegal, whether or not the owner has a right to make a copy of their own DVD. Apparently, we can copy, but without removing CSS. We’ll need 9GB discs and mirror copying techniques that don’t exist? Appeal!

im with 321 all the way

It would be an outrage for 321 not to win!:S

If they lose we all lose.

They probably will lose for where they are at.

I’ll stick with DVD Decrypter and DVD2one

Aside from removing the DeCSS they are also removing the following: “The company will also remove anti-piracy features that Moore said had been included “as a show of good faith.” They include embedding a disclaimer on all copied DVDs that they were not originals. Another feature being stripped had prevented further duplication.” - USA Today I guess they figure if they are forced to remove the DeCSS they might as well get rid of the features that may have benefitted the movie studios as well! :d