321 Dvd X Copy plat what the %%% is going on!

Ok ive been using the program from day one!
It works great! after they closed the doors i have been having problems
burning movies?
well tryed to burn some-thing on my burner & and the burner works just fine.
i have a sony dru 510a supports 4x any ho i cant burn no more i have been wasting time & dvdz can any one help?
i have tryed allmost everything from msconfig too downloading the aspi drivers
im running xp-pro sp2 and sp1 two hard drives 1 is 120 & other is 200.
Cpu p4 3.6 and lottz of mem to .
guys im getting very Pissed off im ready to give up the fight with this!!

oops sorry delete the extra

add it to data execution prevention then it should work


if you are using xp spack2 you have to allow it to be accessed, its part of the servie pack. its under my computers performance settings.

Sorry, not so…

pigpenz ,

i dont no what you mean??
im using it on Sp1 xp-pro
its really bugin me that i cant copy movies :a :a

Hey techno…

Try uninstalling it and re-install if you have the disk. Have you checked to make sure you didn’t lose your DMA settings?

sorry i had those type of problems after installing sp2

plz see the sp2 and dvdxcopy thread, see if anything there helps