321 dual layer disc needed?

Ive backed up alot of my dvd collection (approximatly 90%) but the rest all give the error (10 out of over 200 dvds) when trying to copy and before the burning process starts, Requested media: DVD+r/RW, DVD-r/RW, DVD+R9 Double Layer ! I even got ove dvd to burn the first disc, but the second part is requiring different media ?.. I guess its not a huge issue as I stated I have most of my collection backed up, but I know there is a way if there is a will :wink:

Thanks for all your replies in advance !!

This is one of the many reasons why you shouldn’t be using DVD X COPY. That and the fact that it is defunct so good luck getting updates for it. You really should switch over to DVD Shrink/DVD Decrypter or AnyDVD/Clone DVD. I recommend DVD Shrink/DVD Decrypter combo first since it is freeware and it gives you an idea of what quality to expect. IMHO it delivers better quality than DVD X COPY.

Diffrent programs use diffrent compression alogorythms (did I spell that right, lol). Not only does quality vary but some programs are going to be able to achieve a little more compression. Give dvd shrink /dvd decryptor a try. Personally I use nero and it is rare that it cannot fit the entire disk. I have also backed up most of my colection (more than 200 movies) and have only had a few (certainly less than 10) that nero could not compress to fit. On those few, all I had to do is remove a little of the content to make it smaller (like the spanish language tracks since I don’t speak spansih) and I was able to get them to fit. I don’t think dvd x copy will allow you to remove content will it?

sigh, no x-copy doesnt give you the option of removing that, unlike dvd shrink, Only thing I dont like about x-copy is the watermark @ the beginning of the movie “DVD-BACKUP” Other than that ~ quality is unmatched with any program ive used. DVD Shrink works well but you lose a little Sharpness in my opion. Especially when your compressing a dual layer DVD-R DVD-9 onto one single layer DVD-5 disc. I havent messed around with dvd decryper yet, I dont even know what it does.

You can get rid of the Warning screen really easy.Just Google for 321 Gone ,DVD rip Forum,You can opt to leave out subtitles to reduce compression in DVDXcopy.look at the Options button.

So far as I have used it anyway, dvd decryptor is just a ripping program. I just copies the content to your hard drive. It of course removes copy gurard and can do things like replacing bad sectors (another type of copy guard) and region free and stuff like that which is the purpose for using it but basicaly it just copys the content to your hard drive. I think it might have a burn engine too but if it does, I havent ever used it so I’m not sure.