320GB Hard Drive Failure... HELP!

Hello everyone! My hard drive partition was in the middle of being resized, when the electricity went out. Needless to say, I could not log back on to the Windows installation on that hard drive. I logged on to another Windows installation on another hard drive to try to access the data on the corrupted hard drive. The drive gets detected, but I can’t access the data, with a prompt requiring the drive to be formatted. The hard drive is physically intact btw. Now the question is…Will I be able to access the data if I purchase an external HDD enclosure? Or just a SATA to USB adapter? I really need to access this hard drive with 320GB of valuable data… HELP!

Mounting the drive in an external enclosure won’t really help. You may not be able to recover any data. Here are a couple of programs you can try: http://findandmount.com/, which runs from your bootable hard drive and http://www.sysresccd.org/Main_Page, which is burned to a bootable CD. Good luck.