32 speed lite on

I have a 32 speed lite on and now is my question, what kind of cdr is the best option to burn audio cd’s with this burner.

I use traxdata 16 speed 80 min. cdr’s, but i want to buy better cdr’s on the cdfreaks site.

So is there a list of what cdr’s brands are made by these manufactures:

ritek co.
mitsubishi chemical

and is it possible that philips cdrw’s come from a different manufacturer than philips ?
Because i have a cdrw (unbranded) and i use cdr identifier, this program say it comes from plasmon data systems and not philips .

So that were all my questions


ritek: many brands, like traxdata, arita, most memorex discs, some TDK and a shitload of others.
taiyo yuden: some sony, some TDK, some fujifilm, some HP and a lot of others.
cmc: Imation, verbatim, and a load of others stay away from CMC
Mitsubishi: Verbatim datalifeplus
amt:??? never heared about it.

Brands I recommend:

Best of the best:
Kodak(soon to disappear :()
Mitsui toatsu.

Also good:
Ritek phthalocyanine
Prodisc phthalocyanine
MPO phthalocyanine
Acer phthalocyanine
and some that I’m sure I forgot

oke, but i don’t know any brands of Mitsui toatsu. and i used arita but this cdr came from olasmon data systems and not from ritek.
These cdr’s sucks because when i use them to burn audio cd’s then on the end of the cd (the last 4 songs) you hear all kinds of noise but not good music!!!

sorry i mean plasmon data systems!!!

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Anyway, that’s the problem…memorex, arita, sony, verbatim, tdk and others, they buy CD-R’s from different factories so you don’t know who the manufacturer is before you’ve bought some and identified them using CD-R Identifier.