32 LG 5600 ZB tv



Hi all, I am wondering if anyone out there can provide me with an answer.

I live in Cyprus and bought my tv 15 months ago, does any one know if it has a MPEG2 or MPEG 4 system fitted. I have tried to get information from the UK and from Greece as there is no technical support in Cyprus. The place where it was purchased do not really want to know.
If I tune the tv again I get messages on the screen saying it has found the HD channels found but no picture or sound.

Any help would be very welcome.



From the manual, it looks as if this TV has a Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) tuner fitted, which should pick up any MPEG2-based terrestrial DVB services operating in your area. Do you know if there are any?

To get high-definition (HD) TV you will probably need a satellite receiver and decoder that can connect to the TV via HDMI socket. There are terrestrial HD services here in the UK but you need a special tuner; nevertheless an ordinary standard definition (SD) tuner might recognise the digital stream but be unable to decode it.

Download the manual from here: http://www.superfi.co.uk/extras/LG/LG_42PG3000_manual.pdf

Your TV is listed as 32LG5***