32 gig cd

ok i was burning a 99 minute divx cd. I was really pressed for time, so i figured i start the burning before i went to school and when i got back it would be finished right? Wrong.

I started the burning at 4x and 7.5 hours later when i got home my litoen 48125w was still burning, it had got stuck at 88% and it was mad. The red light was still on and as far as Im concerned, the laser was still on too.

So i check i restart the computer eject the disc and reinsert it. Go to medium infor in nero and it says its has 32 gigs worth of info on it.

Unfortunatly i don’t have my own webpage. If someone would be so kind as to upload this picture onto their site i would email it to them so we can all see this hilarious picture.

Please note this is an actual screenshot.

Some messed up TOC on that CD… :slight_smile:

speaking of toc, i managed to burn a cd with jsut the toc on it. Of course it was a coaster though. I wa suing nero and it spazzed out with some funky error and i ended up with the toc because when i looked at the cd only a tiny ring was burned and nero told me it was the audio cd that i told it to burn.

where’s the picture :confused:

i emailed it to mr. belvedere and he should be uploading it soon.

Ive had this experience many times with my Sony 40x/12x/48x (its CRW5E). Most of the time it happened with DiscJuggler 4.

The laser continues to burn for a long time and it happened to me when i went to church. A few hours went by and when i got home it was still going. The CD was very hot and observing the recorded ring, it took up the whole CD. This was interesting because I was writing about 300MB of data only.

This still happens to me occasionaly, the CD-Writer gets stuck at some percentage and just burns and burns until you reset your computer.

It also seems to be harmful because after the church experience, it wouldn’t work correctly (it would produce coasters in the very beggining of writing with ALL programs). Then a few days later, it just started to work. It is odd…

If anybody knows why this happens, please explain some more in detail :slight_smile:

And who needs mp3 when you can put 3600 hours of music on your cd ? :bigsmile:

Can I order some of these CDs, I want to back up my hard drive.

my burner did that too, and it would be spazzy and make coasters. But now it refuses to burn at 48x. it will burn and when it reaches 48x it goes spazzy and makes a coaster. I suspect my media is the problem, but this is the same package of what i could burn at 48x with.

I’ll try another 48x and i’ll post the log in the burning software forum.

an unexpected little gem

what on earth did under the cd look like?
for a few hours on the one spot would have done some serious damage :stuck_out_tongue:

a few hours? Try 7 and a half. Anyway, teh bottom of the cd looked really dark at the outer edge. Im surprised it didn’t burn a hole in the cd. It probably didn’t make a hole because it was only going at 4x thank god. If it had been running at 48x i think my house might have caught on fire.

My warning to everyone:

Don’t leave your burner running and leave where you can’t monitor it.

Not only did it produce a coaster but also my litey has been spazzing out.

So just be careful and watch your burns.

can you take a picture of the bottom of that cd?

sorry can’t for 2 reasons.

  1. no digital camera.
  2. trash day was monday and i already threw it away. Didn’t have a use for it.

Originally posted by kwkard

  1. trash day was monday and i already threw it away. Didn’t have a use for it. [/B]

But its a historical piece of history! :slight_smile: you really should of kept it to show everyone you know what happens when you have a cd burning for so many hours.

BTW When i said earlier about a few hours i was thinking aprox 6 since its the standard school time for me (or use to be)

i should’ve kept i guess. Oh well, i’ll keep the next one that does that or something else thats very strange.

I guess I can leave my Sony burning for a few hours at 40x again…

BUT, i am not liable for house damages, CD-Freaks would be held responsible for damages. :slight_smile:

Tell me if you are still interested! :bigsmile:

Damn, that’s one big ass CD!:bigsmile:

Originally posted by -=][Y]{=-

But its a historical piece of history! [/B]

as opposed to a non-historical piece of history :smiley: