32"-37" LCD TV for DVDs and analogue TV

Hi all!

One week ago my old CRT TV died. Although I could easily live without a TV (i only watched it cca 30 mins a month), other members of the family would welcome a new tv.

What the family will do:

  1. Watching crappy analogue TV signal (and digital in 1-2 years, when they will finally launch it here)
  2. Watching TV shows d/l-ed from the net (SDTV quality)
  3. Watching DVD movies (of sometimes bad quality - DVD-Rs from friends where a 3 hour movie with 3 5.1 audio channels is transcoded with CloneDVD to DVD-5 :a)

Blu-ray playback is not planned, altough possible in the future. Also no gaming console will be connected. Since I am a “wannabe enthusiast” desperately short on free time, i would like also some extra functions and lot of settings that i could play with. Also good sound quality is always welcomed. I’d appreciate picture-in-picture functionality, but from what i’ve seen, this is incredibly rare on current models.

Based on the requirements above, i think theres no reason to go for a Full HD television. I’ve been looking at the SHARP LC-37X20E, but I’m not sure if it’s any good. Phillips TV s with AmbiLight feature look also very interesting, but i couldnt find any reviews.

Can you give me an advice what models i shoud look for ? Thanks

[I]UPDATE[/I] I’ve just read an article on the net, that the approved codec for digital transmission in Slovakia is MPEG-4, so obviosly i would like my new TV to support it.

You would have to go with Sony W4000 series to get MPEG4 decoder (DVB-T only AFAIK) which is a really good TV in general although I don’t know how well it handles analogue signals. Sharp LC37X20 is a really nice TV otherwise if you want something cheaper but still a good TV and it handles analogue sources well (for being a LCD) but it does lack MPEG-4 decoder which really isnt a huge deal since you get STBs “for free” when signing up for a subscription.

Thank you. Somehow I knew you will be the fisrt to answer :slight_smile:

Now I once again checked these TVs on the web, and it seems that both the SHARP 37X20 and Sony W4000 have full HD resolutions (1920x1200). From what I’ve read, these el-cheapo full hd tvs lack some advanced functions that are improving the picture quality (like motion compensation, native 24p and so). Based on the fact, that i would like the tv to display rather low quality input signal, a HD ready TV with 1366x768 res seems to be a better choice for me. Can you recommend something is this area ?


What would you consider “the shit” then?
Unfortunately what you’ve read is wrong, both support 24p and they do have “image enhancing” features. X20 is a bit sparse compared to the W4000 though which does reflect on the price. Resolution is wrong too, 1920x1080 is the correct one.
http://www.sony.co.uk/product/t32-w-series/kdl-40w4000#pageType=TechnicalSpecs (look under “Picture”)
What would you accomplish by getting a 1366x768 these days? All new mid/hi-end by any major brand are using 1920x1080 panels…

Sorry, i’m not really oriented in this area…

I think the W4000 series will be my choice. Today on a czech website there was a very good and detailed review for the Sony 40E4000, it really got my attention, however the price is to high, and also it is not readily available. I hope the W4000 wont be significantly inferior to the E4000, and the price is affordable to.
The only remaining choice is picture size, as it seems that Sony is not making 37" displays, so i will have to double check my viewing distance to make the right choice.

Thank you once again, you really helped me.

np, have a look at W4000 IRL too… It’s a really nice set =)