30GB Kingston pendrive showing folders as files



I have a 30gb kingston pendrive. I saved about 8gb of data in the drive. But Now it is not showing. There was a folder named “Data” and all other files and folders were in that folder. But , now I a unable to access the folder as it has been changed to an unknown file. I have checked the properties of the drive, it shows about 8gb of space is being used by the drive. I must say I have tried many things. Like attribe in CMD, checked " show hidden files and folders ", unchecked “hide protected operating system files”, Scanned with scandisk command in command prompt.

Any help will be appriciated




see if you can access the data on another computer.
Additionally, you can check your device with H2testw. Note: this might destroy the rest of the data on the drive. UI of the software can be switched from DE to EN.



I guess you have to talk to Kingston Support, this happened to me once on a SandDisk. The Folders went corrupt. :cool: