300W or 350W?



With the following configuration should I buy a 300W or 350W power supply?

  • P4 2.4GHz (FSB@4x200MHz) with reference cooler
  • Maxtor SATA 120GB
  • Maxtor ATA100 20GB
  • JLMS XJ-HD166S DVD-ROM drive
  • LiteON LTR-52246S CD-RW drive


if it’s a quality power supply, u could probably get away with a 350w, but u might want to get a more powerful psu for a better long-term investment. Antec, Enermax, Sparkle/Fortron, and PC Power & Cooling are all good brands. don’t buy a generic psu.


Check what nominal output the power supply has…a 400 W supply can be worse than a 300 W…:bigsmile: :cool:


This system could run fine, when using a GOOD 300W PSU. As you may want to upgrade in the (near) future (e.g. a faster video card), the extra power might be needed. So I suggest to choose a descent ~350W PSU.


Antec 350W and above.


My father has a 300 W and he has 3x maxtor 120 GB and a dvd-rom and it runs fine.

If the price between the 300 W and the 350 W isn’t so far from eachother than I would go for the 350 W.