300GIG on as few DVDs as possible - mainly MP3s & MPEGS

Hi there,

I need to back up 300gig of mainly mp3s and MPEG video - it will take several dozen data-DVDs but I was hoping there was some kind of compression method out there?

I’m not quite sure what ISO compression entails, or what programmes I need (I have PowerISO)… but is this the answer?

Many thanks in advance!
Tom =o)

put them in a compression program such as winzip or winrar. You will need the program afterwards to extract them though

I’m afraid they’re already compressed pretty much to the max, and ISO is a data storage format rather than anything to do with compression.

I suggest that with that amount of stuff, the only realistic thing you can do is buy another HDD and back up to that.

Compressing is not a magical process that you can repeat endlessly until there’s only a single byte left. :wink:

MP3/MPEG compression removes redundancy from the original information using methods that “know” about the data format, and there is almost no redundancey left that can be removed by a general purpose format such as ZIP or RAR.

I have tried compressing an mp3 file just for fun and there was a saving of 1.6% using Zip, 7-Zip or RAR formats. It’s simply not worth the added time and effort.

I agree :slight_smile:

No response from Drage about dropping hard drives? :bigsmile:

… Just wait for 8 layer HD-DVDs :bigsmile: :rolleyes: :Z

I don’t think it’s realistic to backup 300 GB of data to DVD media (67 DVDs or thereabouts), so harddrive backup is the only reasonable option currently. Tape is way too expensive for a home user, backup to 67 DVDs is so impractical that it will probably only be done once (if that), and Blu-ray is too expensive presently.

So regardless of the drawback of using harddrive backup, it’s the only realistic choice IMO, so there’s little point in warning about the drawbacks.

Please note that [I]backup[/I] and [I]archiving [/I] are two different problems, that may require different solutions. :wink:

Drage, that was my poor attempt at humour :smiley:

I currently have all my MP3s backed up to three sets of DVDs, but when the amount gets too large to store tidily, I too will probably look into another HDD. Probably external, and yes I’ll be careful with it :bigsmile:

Hi guys, this has confirmed what I thought - I already have them on an external 300gig drive, i wanted a secondary back up… Will wait for higher capacity discs. Cheers!

lol… i think i missed the 300 gig part :slight_smile: