300GB Holographic Storage media to ship next month

I just posted the article 300GB Holographic Storage media to ship next month.

After several years of holographic optical storage media promising to be the next big thing after multi-layer optical storage, Hitachi Maxell plans on making its 300GB holographic disc…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12638-300GB-Holographic-Storage-media-to-ship-next-month.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12638-300GB-Holographic-Storage-media-to-ship-next-month.html)

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Only $15,000…the sad fact is that bluRay will improve over the next two years and the price will fall as well making the Holograghic disc a long shot with consumers.

20MB/sec transfers is nothing to get excited about. It would need to be considerably cheaper than a hard drive. And, selling an optical media as “archival” media is just scary. At least tape has a predictable failure time.

hmmmmm…when will this thing ever reach a sensible price for consumers…?..I think never as we don’t have the need for such a device…yet anyway…like hi-def dvd movies…

Make it DVD storage prices and I’ll buy it! Then you can kiss BluRay good bye. :stuck_out_tongue:

we don’t need it? Bull, i would like to see you back up a 300 GB drive to a slow DVD or bluray. I have been waiting for cheap optical media that can back up at least 100GB. I have a large music collection, and Hard drive don’t out live Optical media. And external HDs also cost more and i am forced to go that way. Its annoying. Hell my real dream is 2TB optical, never need to buy tons of media again!

2TB… holy moley, I’d be so afraid to handle that disc, the data would be so tightly packed that I’d be afraid my finger print would deem it unreadable.

i always wipe my disc before i put them in, and i ALWAY check for dust and stuff, don’t want to damage the player! But they have impressive coating they can put so finger prints don’t appear. i have a scratch proof sony DVD-RW disc and it never gets finger prints, weird and neat.

Interesting but expensive. Let’s hope other companies get on the holographic train to drive the price down both of the drive and the disc

This is just the first step. This shows all of you that HD-DVD and Blu-Ray is just a stepping stone and so complaining what technology is better bla bla bla is just crap. This is why HD-DVD should be a netural replacement for DVD today, and instead of pushing blu-ray. Develop it more and release it when it can do 100Gb per side and disc. Optical storage has been behind for a long time, I remember when 650mb cd-rom where huge. That was the time when most harddrive where 1-10Gb is size. Since then nothing good on this front has been developed.

Well the media is cheaper than Bluray if you figure per GB. $20 per 25GB BluRay recordable so, that would equate to $20X12=$240 compared to $100-120 for a 300GB Holo. Too bad the drives are too expensive for consumers to use. Also, 20MB/s is extremely slow. It would take nearly 3 hours to back up 300GB at that rate.

20MB per second is a lot faster than any other archive media, other optical and tape can’t even come close. Backing up to another HD is pretty fast, but not archive. Unlike DVD and CD, which are not archive grade, this media is certified to hold it’s data for 50 years. CD/DVD start rotting around 7 years, and tape a lot sooner. These kind of drives are not even intended for consumers right now. Think companies that have to hold a lot of data for a long time (video networks, finance, and medical folks). blu-ray and HD-DVD data rates are much slower than this too.