300 The Movie

There is another movie about this out, this time based on the “real” history (not on Frank Millers comic).
Anyone seen that yet?

ehm chef …, that’s a video game :wink:

Whew, you need to get out more. :flower:

Your telling me :doh:

Jeeez. Sorry, I missed that VG in the title.

after watching this movie the only thing i thought was a small army was able to hold back a very large army for a short time.

not until reading the original posters message did any connections to recent world events come to mind.

Behrad, here in my own country there is political and religious battles. Mitt Romney, the Republican governor of Massachusetts, is a Mormon by religious freedom. The movie September Dawn here is considered to be a political movement to persuade the american people.



I didn’t see the movie: I do not hate Iran
I put petrol in my car for a gazillion dollars: I hate Iran
I see CNN: I kinda hate Iran
I watch this thread: I do not hate Iran
I put petrol in my car again for a multigazillion dollars: I hate Iran again

The movie and the book on which it is based are both spoofs and not intended to be taken seriously. If anyone takes offence they really should lighten up. :slight_smile:

I have watched the movie…my opinions have not changed after watching that movie… its just a movie…

ya of course the movie was great dude
but the fact that they did not end the movie well has a hour of thought in everybodys mind
but still there was justice to the character
and the culture was also potrayed well