300 The Movie

all you can see that I’m from Iran, and guess you know the story of this movie. I don’t know if politic disscussion are allowed or not.
But I as an Iraninan know my aid to say this movie is just a start of globalization mind preparation for being hated of Iran.
You know I just don’t want to start any politic disscussion or affrunt the USA government.
I just want you to tell me what do you think about this movie. How Xerxes has shown although we know he was one of greatests shah(king) of Iran.

And at the end i want you to know this movie is just a puffery, just to spoil our great history and culture.

I wont get mad if you close this topic or no one answer it It’s enough that few people watch it and just think about this movie and all others that all tvs around the world says about us.

Can people from sa’di, hafiz and ferdowsi’s country be terrorists?

I have seen the movie.

I don’t hate Iran or any other country after watching it.

Maybe in Iran you see movies about the USA and then hate the USA, doesn’t work that way here.

300 is a mindless, long-winded fightscene containing orchs and questionable catering and it raised questions such as: had they invented “after work” back then?

Anyway, I did not associate anything in it with Iran. Mr Ahmadinejad (?) is doing well upsetting the world on his own, without this movie.

I have not seen this movie yet and i live in the USA:

Censorship in the good old USA is bad. If you ever watched Good Morning Vietnam you would know what i mean. We’re only told what the government wants us to know. Even things inside the USA.

Fortunately there is not any movie here that shows American like Iranian were shown in 300. And how i recognized they’re going to make animations about the history and it won’t be against the USA. And all problems that few people here have, isn’t the people of the USA or any other countries. Let me ensure you no Iranians hate any people.

Yes, unfortunately Mr Ahmadinejad don’t know anything about how he must treat in international cummunities. I was completely against him but now i see he’s not that bad. He’s just a extremist man with a dreamy mind.
anyway in next election i can vote and surely i Won’t vote him!

300 is a mindless but best-seller. Do you think when people especially tennagers watch it, what do they think. In this movie Iranians are killers, and surely it will affect teenagers mind. My problem is this.

Everywhere is just like there. The people who have the power are not having mercy on the people. They’re just thinking of how the can increase their power. Anyway how it seems Iran is gonna be one of powerful countries(if it’s not yet) because i’m in Iran and see their power.

I watched the movie and the only thing I concentrated on were the bodies of those Spartan men :o



You’re giving American teenagers too much credit.

Yeah, i dont think that the average viewer of the film will recognize any Persia-Iran connection. Anyways, it’s just a fiction based on a comics so everything is exaggerated.

And even if the movie would be presented as a strictly true story: if you see a movie about the world war II., does it change your attitude to the germans ?

Yeah, big discussions are/were going on with those people who nagged on the movie that its not historical correct… lol, they haven’t got the clue that the movie is based on the comic…

What?!?! Comics aren’t real? Next thing you’ll be telling me WWF wrestling is fake and Santa ain’t real.

Say it ain’t so…haha :> Only thing I was thinking about during 300 was in how long it felt…mmm at least 300 min…

I would say less than one percent of people are swayed in what they think of iran after watching this movie. I don’t understand why it is so praised by so many people, but I do own the movie and it’s pretty good. Generally us americans don’t watch movies with the mindset of “how can this movie affect how I think towards a nation?”

Anyone bought the collectors edition with the helmet??


Yeah, no joke!

lol ok i see :bigsmile:

Teenagers?! Hell I’d bet most adults in the US have no idea what the story was based on (The Battle of Thermopylae) let alone have the ability to formulate an idea that the movie is preparing anyone to hate Iran or Persians. I don’t think most Americans realize the association of Iran and Persia for that matter. If Mr Ahmadinejad has said this he is just stirring up Iranians not anyone else. I like fighting and war movies and enjoyed it.