300 Premium Taiyo Yuden 8x -R TYG02 For $87 Shipped (NO Rebates)


Supermediastore has this deal for 300 Taiyo Yuden Premium 8x -R TYG02 Plus 300 paper sleeves and four DVD markers for $87 Shipped (NO rebates) here:

Beware - this expires at 12 midnight PDT TODAY 03/15/2007-eh!

I have purchased many from them and not got a bad one yet.

thanks order placed!!!

valueline are even cheaper!
300pc for $59.99

Does anybody ever notice they never have deals like this on the +8X media, Yuden000-T02-000? I wonder why?:frowning:

Don’t know but i’m a +R 8X user also.


You are sorta correct - except - if y’all read the whole deal - you get 300 Premium TY’s + 300 Paper sleeves + four markers + free shipping for $87 - and the Value Line 300 discs + 300 paper sleeves + four markers + shipping = $92.69 (and at the end of the day - you still have Value Line media)-eh!

this deal is not bad also:
200 8x Taiyo DVD-R (Premium Line) w/ 200 paper sleeves $57.99 shipped (free ground shipping) @Meritline