300 Pack TY Valueline with 300 Pack White Sleeves (FS) $59.99

Supermediastore has 300 packs of Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R media for $59.99 with free shipping. You also get 300 Packs of white paper sleeves with it as well.

8x Valueline DVD-R

20 cents each for TYG02 (plus free sleeves) is very nice. This is the best price I have seen since the original Google Checkout offer gave $10 off to everyone every time.

Now if they would just guarantee me the TYG02 instead of the TYG03 I would buy a few hundred more (even though I don’t need them).

How come they never have this deal on the +8X media.:confused:

I was wondering the same but realized how many people prefer to buy +R 8X TY media and that hurt -R 8X sales , so they always go on sale , however there are no Value Line +R 8X TY media :bigsmile:

I’m pretty sure the -R sell more, especially with professional duplicators.

I am pretty sure you are right, which is all the reason they should discount the + media also, to keep up.:iagree:

Yo alan-

[U]Every[/U] [I]serious[/I] freaks dream-eh!! :iagree: :iagree:

EH Mike, they might be readin this post and get the idea. It can’t hurt.:cool:

I always like TY -R media, they burn very well under BenQ 1620. Well, not just under BenQ drives, they burn generally well under many burners. And for this price, it is a hot deal, $20 for 100 disc TY with free sleeves?? great deal!!

Just bought 300 = p

Some scans please :bigsmile:

The 200pack -R TY Premium WHITE inkjet hub printables w/sleeves & free shipping for $67.99 look tempting.

Just wondering if the SILVER inkjet printables ever (or how often) go on sale?

Thanks I just ordered

I’ll post a scan when I get them. :slight_smile:

It says top surface is “Silver Lacquer”. This does not mean printable, does it? I’m looking for a deal on -R non printables and I think this is it.

These are what you are looking for. They have that shiny surface that you can see your fingerprints on very easily.:iagree:

This is the only thing that is holding me back from asking a friend for ordering these unbranded TY media :frowning:

what is different Valueline / premium line price or Quality :confused:
please someone :bow:
edit = now I know… it is price

Also quality. I bought 200 TYG02 printable valueline from them last year. When compare to premium from rima, there are more printable surface residue on writable side, mostly near outer rim.

Thanks geekrule :bow: