300! cant get the audio. working on mac. please help

i just got 300! I cant understand how to get the proper audio. Ive burned movies before but the audio on this file seems messed up somehow. im working on a mac and QT and Real don’t play the audio…just the video. I found that i have to download VLC to play it with audio. When I try to burn in on dvd, i convert the avi file using the program “ffmpegx”, a handy little program that usually works. the audio_TS file is empty…which i read could be normal. but the audio is completely messed up. ive tired converting the movie audio seperately and adding it to the movie in .ac3 format but it doesnt work. when i leave the audio file empty, it still doesnt work. five wasted dvds later, i cant figure out what to do. i use the toast titanium to burn the disc after i convert it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, i got the movie in two parts, would it be possible to put it on one disc.

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