300 becomes fastest selling HD title

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Warner’s movie 300 has become the fastest selling high definition box office title and has already overtaken sales of the previous big HD hit, The Departed, according to TVPredictions. So far,…

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I knew 300 would be a huge seller in HD. Only reason blu ray version is ahead of tghe HD DVD is beacuase of all the PS3 owners out there who want this flick. I bet HD DVD version stays in the top 50 longer than blow ray version.

Uhhh the departed is far better than 300. Infact 300 was an overly CG animated worthless piece of crap.

Don’t hold back “cd pirate” just say what you mean…

LOL. Yeah, don’t pussy-foot around. :+

Gotta love HD DVD fanboy excuses… What’s next? “Only reason blu ray version is ahead of tghe HD DVD is beacuase there were more people who bought blu ray than HD DVD. I bet if more poeple buy HD DVD then blow ray then HD DVD would be ahead.”

Take away the PS3 now take away the XBOX 360 with the HD-DVD Drive now get the real numbers. I refuse to believe anything till they take the game console factor out of the equation period. :d

@ Dr. Who I wish it was that simple.

Yes Dr Who, take consoles out of the picture and we would have had blu rays funeral by now. Mr. Pleasure, my somewhat “troll-ish” point above was related to the fact that 90% of blu ray players sold are PS3’s, and about 80% of HD DVD players are stand alone players. Figure out the rest.

I’m with cd pirate on the 300 movie. It was an OK movie, but I haven’t much desire to watch it again. Characters were less than captivating. Action was the same thing we see all the time, but extended & slowed down. Did I mention the bad acting? Heck, even the CG wasn’t that great. Also, there was some very excessive post processing that kind of got on my nerves because of how unnatural it looked. That said, it’s a pretty movie. Great for screne captures. I’ll just go watch Gladiator again. I don’t know if anyone remembers, but the PS2 consoles helped drive the DVD craze. No reason to count the PS3’s out. In fact, I have a friend that bought a PS3 just for the games, but now when he goes to rend a movie, he’s like, “Might as well get the Blue-ray version as long as I can play them.” So it does make a difference.

For anyone wondering, Blu-Ray sales accounted for 65% of the 250,000 and HD DVD sales accounted for the remaining 35%. Almost a 2:1 ratio, which is pretty much the standard Blu-Ray to HD DVD sales ratio. Except with more content on Blu-Ray, overall it’s a little higher then that even. It has to make you wonder how much longer Universal can hold out, throwing away 2/3rds or more of the HiDef market (and growing!).

Yeah! Take the PS3 out of the HD equation. Hold on! Wait! But Sony’s strategy is exactly to use the PS3 as a Trojan horse to get Blu Ray on people’s house! :X And it seems it’s working… :d These HD-DVD fanboys are really getting desperate. Guys, deal with it. The PS3 is selling Blu-Ray content. And it will only get worse for you, HD-DVD fanboys. The PS3 is not selling in droves right now but some 4.5 million are already on people’s homes (some say more). This is without many games and at a high price. Wait until you see the great games starting to come out… There’s simply no way for HD-DVD to win this war. The final nail on HD-DVD’s coffin will be when Universal drops the HD-DVD exclusivity thing.

@ johnzap It’s “HD DVD”, not “HD-DVD”. Also, you smell like a $ony fanboy. Do they pay you to post verbal diarrhea on sites like this? :r