30 years of Walkman comes to an end




Long live the Walkman . . . and mix tapes. Can’t forget about mix tapes.


Never did own one of them myself so I won’t really miss it that much. :disagree:


It a shame that Sony could not also come to an end with there product.


I’ve never owned a Sony Walkman, but did enjoy my childhood and teenage years with cassette tapes and had at least two portable Walkman knock-off’s.

I even experienced peer to peer sharing in its infancy back then. Pupils in primary school regularly exchanged songs on tapes and double-cassette recorders were a must in every home and nearly everyone had a portable cassette player. If you wanted to “download” the latest songs, just have your radio cassette recorder sitting nearby with a blank tape loaded. I also still remember when while listening to the radio (I think 2FM), someone called in to make a song request. As the DJ loaded the record, he of course asked who the request is for and the caller said “So I can record it” :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say Sony would have done just as well with its digital players had they not made such a mess with its early players, which did not play MP3.


I still have my SONY Walkman, 15 years old and still work perfect, unlike my portable cd or mp3 player, 2 cd players dead and now i am in the 4th mp3 player (my mobile phone, and that is very close to the end of it’s life).


I got many walkman long time ago
think I more than 10 ( SONY / Aiwa / one Panasonic Very thin model )
It always with me when I was young


Only in Japan they are going to continue to make them in China


I still have one Sony Walkman it is [B]MD ( MiniDisc ) [/B]walkman player
not in use last 5 year