30 second lead out normal?

1620 does this using b7t9 would u9 be better?

scans indicate they’re equal but i dunno

If it’s above 1 minutes only for lead out then I think it’s not normal. The exact time depends on your burner, media, and burning software. My experience is about 1 minute for lead-in and out.

lead in is bout 5-10 seconds using dvddecrypter and 28-33 second for lead out

so it’s fine? it does this from p9 on

On my Ritek G05 media, leadout times can be around 25-40 seconds with my 1625 f/w BBGA

i see so i shouldn’t worry eh?

No need to worry… :bigsmile:

well that’s good

Got a 25-30s leadout with Nero and MCC 003 @12X on BenQ 1620 B7V9.


does your drive spin up and down several times at the end of the burning?

Yes. 3 times at least.