30 mins recording time and switches off



My recorder only works if I record for less than 30 mins and am end the recording manually before it switches off itself. Help:sad:


What kind of recorder (Video? Audio? Software?) and make and model please…


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On my old Philips DVD recorder, if you hit the record button after pressing it once to start the recording, the recording time goes up in 30 minute increments with each button press.

After pressing record once to start it off, are you hitting the button once more by mistake maybe? That would set it to 30 mins recording time, then it will shut off, ending the recording. It’s easily done, I did it plenty with my Philips, as one press of the record button often didn’t do anything. :wink:

Or, is this happening with timed recordings as well?


Thankyou for your reply. I may have multiple “user” problems due to it being such an old machine

1 Should I press record just once ? If nothing happens what should I do?
If when press record for the first time the record light stays on can I then press it again for another 30mins record time?

2 Why doe the record light flash?
I am on Ext 1 at the recorder connected only to the Virgin V+box having set that to copy to VCR.
On Ext 1 i can see Scart in the window and the record light is flashing. If I press TV/DVD on the remote and it changes to readTV/loop the record light stays on and it actually records by the counter counting down.
Is this correct

3 If i come back to the DVD and it has stopped what do I do to get it back to reading the disk as it sems to lock up. It’s a s though it hasen’t “finalised” .If I see updating the disk …I can actually press play and view the recording.

Lots of questions. The recorder may be working fine and it’s just me?:doh:
I really appreciate your help.
Finally any pointers you can give me on what blank discs to use? Are they already formatted etc.



Yep, ideally you’d have to press it just the once. But as I mentioned, often pressing it once didn’t seem to do anything for me :doh:…in that situation, where I hit it multiple times to get it to start, what I’d do is set it for an hour for a 30 min recording, set it for 90 minutes for an hour long recording - you get the idea :wink:

With each button press, it should say on your TV screen something like “recording time 0:30” or “recording time 1:00” - your display might be a bit different to mine though, as mine was the later DVDR-5500.

As for question 2, I’m not quite sure. I think you have your V+ box set up the same way as I had my regular Virgin box set up, and if the timer actually starts counting down when you hit the read TV button on your remote, it sounds right - I’m guessing when you check the disc afterwards it’s recorded something?

If it locks up (and trust me that happened constantly with my DVDR-5500, one of the reasons I replaced it), I would suggest unplugging it from the mains for a couple of minutes, then plugging it back in again. Then eject the recorded disc, and reload it.

There should be a Finalise option on the unit (can’t remember how to access the menu via the remote, though I think it’s under the Edit options), in case it doesn’t finalise the disc first time round. Hopefully that should do the trick, after a reboot of course. :slight_smile:

As for discs…I found my own Philips was pretty good in that department, it would accept practically any brand I threw at it. I’d recommend Verbatim for the best stuff though. DVD-R/+R won’t need formatting before use…not sure about RW discs, as my Philips never needed to format, yet my new LG one does. :wink:

Hope that helps a bit, and you’re welcome BTW :slight_smile:



Many thanks
I’ll have a go tonight and see what happens
thanks again:)


No worries, good luck! :slight_smile:

If it’s still misbehaving, just post back and we’ll go from there :slight_smile:


Well it works if I| record straight from the TV and not from the Virgin V+ box.
I am now going to recorded programmes from the V+ box running them and recording at the same time. TV and recorder are set to Ext1 so all I am now doing is ckecking it’s on scart and pressing the record button. 30mins per press seems to work as well. Wonderfull …well limited but better than before:D


Still a bit limited as you say, but certainly better than before. Mind you, I found that in the user manual for the DVDR-5500, there was no info on how to set up any type of cable box, so I had to sort of wing it and pray it worked - I’m guessing setting up the V+ box is a long the same lines.

Sort of trial and error, so any improvement is good. :slight_smile: