30 is old?

Ok, someone is having his 30th birthday today…(not saying who because of possible retailliation :wink: )

Now the question is, do you consider 30 old?

Yes, you’re hella old. Yes, you. Maybe you should buy one of those walkers w/ tennis balls on the legs.

(The person he’s talking about is Da_Taxman BTW - hide -)

I don’t consider it old, I think it’s about the age where real maturity begins for most people. In general most people have build up their live, work, home, relationship, possible kids between 20-30 and after that you can extend this and work on your personality, self improvement/personal growth I’d say.

Why is Smart@$$ still a newbie with 1,109 posts :confused:

30… nearly dead…

  1. Look at the date he joined. Maybe at that time, members can change their title?
  2. Had admins/mods changed it.

30 is very old! :stuck_out_tongue:
Well I guess it depends on which life you mean. In total you havent gone through much of it yet, you’ve gone through a bit of the working-life (only the other 30 years to go now).

Of course 30 is not old…I am not old…just because my twenties are now officially over (and I am twice as old as some people here), my hairdresser thinks I have hair implants, people call me sir (even colleagues), people speak up so I can better hear them and I think that the best music was from the 70’s does not mean I am old :wink:

Because in his heart (and mind) he will always be a newbie…especially if he keeps pulling stunts like this to tease me :bigsmile:

well what is old?

i feel myself still a kid fooling around with pc/software /hardware

and like a game of unreal tournament on sniperservers.

btw build my own sniperserver now

so what is old?

30 is not old
wish i was still 30 :bigsmile:

Who is Da_Taxman?? :confused:

LOL :bigsmile:

Anyways it depends on the way you see it. I am sure FP and Phil do consider people in their early 30ies to be quite young :stuck_out_tongue:

30 old? No way.

I’m not that age (yet), still some years to go.

I feel like 20, but when I’m in a bar and go to girls of 18 years old, they look at me if I’m their daddy (they wish :wink: ). :sad: :frowning: :sad:

Damn, I wish I was 20 again (although it’s not that long ago).

30 is old, no way, it´s the best time in life they say.

i hope i it´s the same when i´m 30 in 3 years

Haha, 30 years of age is old ?

Look here at Montgomery Burns, I am a hundred and a few years old but I am still as mean as in my early years…
Anyway I have to go now, Smithers has to kiss my old wrinkled ass

Sure its old, trust me, I now have a month of experience in being 30.

Fortunatly they can make me grow old, but they can’t make me grow up. NANNA NANNA NANNA!

All 30 means is I recognise the mistake turning 13 was. Unfortunatly it hasn’t yet shown me an alternative. Back at 12 I though 16 would be great cause I could drive… At 16 I wanted to be a voting adult at 18, at 18 I wanted out of high school. Getting out of school was useful, the rest turn out to not be as useful as I belived. I vote, but too many idiots out there vote for the other guy. :slight_smile:

Almost forgot this: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAX!!

w00t, w00t, w00t!!

Thank god i’m not a 70’s guy yet then :slight_smile:

Happy birthday Maikel

Happy birthday Tax!!!


Happy B’day Tax Baby…
LOL I’m already over thirty sigh just
You might be going down hill from now on but its a nice ride as my Daddy says.