30$ 100pk TY at supermediastore



Get on this fast …code expires tommorow

They’re back in - unfortunately, you can’t get the $10 coupon anymore. But they’re still a good deal at .30 each.

Deal expires tomorrow (2/24).

USE COUPON CODE: techbargains6

thanks goes to maldb over @ videohelp

this currently shown code at supermediastore makes them regularly 32.99

Apply $3 off code: tai3doff at checkout.

so i guess the techbargains6 really is just a 3$ savings…still a savings =)


Wait a few weeks and you can get this for under $25. It’s 4X rated and most people are looking for 8X media.


4x media or 8x media. doesnt matter much to me…i even sometimes perfer 4x over 8x


here’s the link.


TYG01 overspeeds to 8x on many burners, this is a good deal.


i’ve burned 14 some movies on these 4x TY’s and they automatically burn at 8x w. dvdshrink and an nec 3500ag everytime

yea i could wait for 8x taiyos to be 30 dollars for a 100 so i could burn them at 12x and save myself time…but 8x taiyos won’t be 30$ shipped for awhile…at least 4-6 months


Don’t look now gentlemen, but I just got two spindles of this stuff from shop4tech and from Supermediastore and they were both G02. This burns at 12X on my NEC with stock firmware. Both look identical to the G01s I got last week from Supermedia. Something weird is going on at TY.


what number do you have on your discs?

all of my 4x discs have GDxxxx number on them

my rima 8x TY discs have GGxxxx number on them

i heard someone on another forum say they got G02’s, but i thought maybe it was misjudgement

sounds like more to the story behind these :eek:


Now you are making me get out my magnifying glasses. My 4X have GD and my 8X have GG, same as yours. My guess is that TY is looking to increase their cash position for the end of their fiscal year. FYI the 8X burn better at 4X and my 4X burn better at 8X, at least on my NEC.


Just got mine today from supermediastore. they are TYG02. have GG000103. ordered them as 4x for 24.99 per 100. With the GG000103 code does this mean mine are 8X or what. The outside packaging is just tape wrap that says value dvd-r


Yours are 8X. Enjoy.


i just got 300 in the mail for 26$ a spindle …2 of them TYG02 one is TYG01 wtf is going on, not that im complaining lol


woooo hoooo 8x at 4x price…no complaints here…thanks supermedia store!!!


No complaints at all! Sounds like Supermediastore maybe completely ran out of stock on the 4x TY’s and instead of making customers wait shipped out the 8x TY DVD-R’s instead. Way to go Supermediastore! Lesser companies would probably have you waiting for 3-4 weeks until new stocks came in. :wink: Anyone burn one of their TYG02’s yet and then do a disc quality test or Kprobe on it so we can see results? :slight_smile:


Sounds like Supermediastore maybe completely ran out of stock on the 4x TY’s and instead of making customers wait shipped out the 8x TY DVD-R’s instead.

i doubt that. :wink:


I agree. I can’t imagine they could be making any kind of profit off of the 8x ones at that price.


I seriously doubt all of these stores that are offering this package would be doing so if they were losing money in the deal…


On the 4x media? I agree, I was talking about them automatically substituting 8x TY media for the 4x ones. :wink:


i haven’t got any TY02’s from them yet, but here is a good scan from the TY01 discs burnt on an NEC 3520 at 4x


Very Nice!!! :smiley: