30.000 MP3 files a 0.99$ - Warner Music download service

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It seems that the Warner Music Group is going to sell singles of populair artists online for 0.99$ a piece. According to a press release the company will make available about 30.000 songs that can…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4543-30_000-MP3-files-a-0_99---Warner-Music-download-service.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4543-30_000-MP3-files-a-0_99---Warner-Music-download-service.html)

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Ok, here’s a good reason NOT to pay for music even if they make it cheaper. How much of that money goes to the artist? You figure that RioPort will have it’s cut, Warner has it’s cut, the RIAA has it’s cut then the artist gets a bill for the production costs of music. I only buy from artists who are either independant or have thier own record lable that does not bow down before the RIAA. Although credit where due Warner IS at least seeing the light on how to make money off of the MP3 instead of trying to criminalize it.

Suppose you want to make your own compilation album. You can put on around 16 songs. That will cost you $16 then. Seems still a bit close to the costs of a normal compilation album to me. Sure, you have control over which songs you want, but 30000 is not that big a collection and furthermore, you get the songs in mp3-format and you have to go through some trouble putting everything on cd. For now I’ll skip this one…

<SNIP>as low as 99 cents each.</SNIP> what they left out was and as HIGH as $$$$…

<nitpick> 30.000 != 30,000 </nitpick> :wink:

What are they going to offer? the crap you here these day’s on the radio? All those stollen songs(or just pieces of it) and all those song which are just stuppid crap. Get real I don’t want to pay for it, (before anybody askes) I want it so I can borther my neighbour, he likes crap but not when I put it on :d

well, it does seem as if they are trying anyway. The internet is a great distribution system for music, if it is used right.

No big names past or present I imagine so. If there is , it will be the overrated artists with egos bigger than thier hits. 100 to 1 odds that they are bad rips, obscure songs, and shitty selection. Nice try though.

30.000 != 30,000 Yes it is if you live in a country that uses periods instead of commas. I (like I assume you) am in the US and the comma is what I use. Some quick Control Panel Regional Settings research indicates that most of the EU world uses the period instead. You ain’t gettin no NOOBY, you ain’t got no MONET.

As long as music is still free why would I pay .99 cents.They should start with .25 per song and see who buys it.If I could download a full album for 2 or 3 bucks and get the songs as fast and easy as on some of the full album sites(you know the ones :wink: )Then they MIGHT have a chance!:8

I think $ 0,99 is far too expensive. When you compose a cd of 20 songs you still pay $ 19.80 :frowning: They should make it cheaper than normal cd’s so somewhere between $ 0.25 and 0.33 a song.

I agree. $ 0,99 is way to expensive. Like I said earlier if you want to get your music legit and cheap, http://www.weblisten.com/en is the place to be. You can download as many full albums as you can or want during one night for just a dollar and a half. That is how I do it!! And i sure like it!!:9

Indeed, not everyone is in the US, and we use a dot over here :wink:

That’s pretty interesting. How do you write decimals?

With a comma :wink: 30.000 0,5

And they use that danged ol’ metric system, too.