3 Year Warranty-On site Clarify please?

I bought a sony 17" lcd in the UK in june 2006, and ebuyer states that it has a 3 year on-site warranty. What exactly does on-site mean? Does it mean that they collect the monitor from my residence, repair it and bring me a new/repaired one? Could someone clarify this for me? Anyone every got a monitor repaired under this 3 year on site warranty?

I am in Greece at the moment and the monitor has pretty much just died on me. It was going on and off on occasion, but as I had it connected via the analogue connection I assumed it was just the old graphics card that’s in my parents pc. So the other day i turn it on and nothing happens. No power on no nothing. Bah. So I can take it to the service centre but I want to know what the deal is with on-site, and if they are meant to come and collect it themselves.

Any advice please?? :confused:


On-site means, they send someone to your home/office and pick up the monitor.

But since you bought the monitor in UK and it is now located in Greece, on-site might not be valid unless there is international warranty.

Check your warranty documents, and contact the dealer and(or) manufacturer for advice.


Hi, there is a european warranty, so it is covered, but I just wanted to know if you thought it was reasonable for the on site bit to be covered throughout europe also. :frowning: