3 year old cited for anti social activity




England is getting tuff on those 3 year old hooligans LOL:bigsmile:


I would take her and her friends to the police station and turn them loose of a few hours then next time the police would leave kids alone.


Good to know that the fuzz in England is focusing on the important crimes! :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:


Its unreal that the “Bobbys” are putting the screws to 2 and 3 year old kids, in their own backyards also. I guess they have no real crime in England. LOL. :bigsmile: This quote says it all, LOL

If you’re anything like us, when you see a 3-year-old girl toddling toward
you on a desolate sidewalk, you immediately move to the opposite side of the
street. Police in West Midlands, England, apparently believe that this fear
of day-care hooligans can be partly attributed to kids like Caidence Leadbitter,
who was given a warning for “intimidating” behavior for playing outside her
home. She and friends Isabel, 4, and Ellie-Louise, 7, were threatened with civil
orders for anti-social behavior (or ASBOs) after neighbors said they spotted
them trampling plants and trees outside Caidence’s home. Typically, ASBOs are
given for infractions such as shoplifting, mugging and arson — but you try
telling that to Caidence and her crew when they come rolling up on their


Whilst this case is over the top, and heavy handed policing.
These 3 years olds if left to do what ever they like and damage other peoples properties, turn into 16 and 17 year olds who still think they can do whatever they want.
Then its not quite as funny or over the top when you are intimidated by them in the street.


And there are parents that have created a home-life where such behaviors are learned by the sponge-like mentality of any child. We see all of these “Fix The Schools!” headlines, when in fact no calibre of schooling overcomes the bad home-life that the other 16-18 hours of the day creates.


That is the most intelligent comment I have read this year Thanks â™

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[QUOTE=diane7;2696302]That is the most intelligent comment I have read this year Thanks â™

@ [B]Dee`s post[/B] :flower:[/QUOTE]

We have to be intelligent in our comments well that leaves me out my wife says I am to stupid to be intelligent.


[QUOTE=samlar;2696362]We have to be intelligent in our comments [/QUOTE] Off course not - this is the Internet!!! :bigsmile:


never thought of that


I read the article. It seems that the plant trampling was in the children’s’ own yard .
To me this is the parents property & that makes it the children’s property .
This should have been entirely a parental matter.
Maybe the neighbors should have called the police if they didn’t recognize these children . Or better a knock on the door by the reporting neighbor. Unless the children’s parents were the kind that couldn’t be dealt with in a civil manner.
Once the police found this was all done on children’s parents property they should have just said sorry to have bothered you & left. No warning of a citation or anything else.
I never did any plant stomping but my dad would have spanked me good if I had.
I knew that probably even at 3 years old . I just don’t remember.
Anyway I never heard any stories about how I had stomped plants when I was a toddler. So I must have known better.