3 x NEC 3500AG + 2 x NEC 3520AG in the same system?

Went round the car boot fair today and picked up a 6 bay server case for £10 (Don’t know why :bigsmile: ).

Anyway I was going to test out the idea of putting 3 NEC 3520AG writers in the system and then 2 3500AG writers in the same system.

I would be using Liggy’s modified firmware on both drives.

Is this a good idea or will it give unreliable burns (I use the same media all the time)


It sounds like fun, I just question how you are going to control that
many EIDE channels ? I have 3 burners and 2 sata hard drives on a seperate promise controller with a P4 HT processor and Nero and
my speeds are way low when running 2 burners. I like to see an answer around this 'cause it’s faster for me to burn at 12 or 16x with one burner.

Not sure yet, either several PCI IDE controller cards or a new motherboard.

yep if i burn with more than 2 burners can only get 8x max

ok this case was an absolute bargain for a ten pound note, A bit of TLC (i.e. prob. needs a new I/O plate at some point and a rubber foot) but the fan system is absolutely amazing (5 fans I think wired to one power lead…Loud!)

I probably won’t be able to make all 5 writers go until I get a 500+w PSU, but can I use the modified 3500 firmware on the 3520?

The 3520’s have their own modified firmware. :slight_smile: Sounds like an interesting idea on the server case, post some pics of the setup once you are done with it if you get it done. I’d say a couple PCI IDE Controller cards is all you need if they support optical drives properly plus like you said a bigger power supply. I’d be interesting to hear how this pans out for you. I doubt you’ll be able to burn to more than two of the drives at the same time but you could certainly hook them all up and have different versions of various firmwares on all of them.

can I use the modified 3500 firmware on the 3520?
Under no circumstances should you attempt to use the 3500 firmware on a 3520, or the 3520 firmware on a 3500. They are completely different hardware, and cross flashing will render your burners inoperable!

Agreed. He should also read the BIG NEC FAQ which covers these exact questions…you know the one marked READ FIRST