3 Weird and not so weird problems



I’m trying to copy one of my son’s DVD on my iPOD video 80 GB with DVDFab platinum (purchased)

1st problem : Selecting iPOD only permits a resolution of 320x240. Selecting other resolutions in the list doesn’t give full screen on the iPOD. While making a generic copy gives the 640x480 iPOD max resolution. I’m using ImTOO after to transform it in iPOD mpeg4 format. Is this normal or did I miss something ?

2nd problem : On another DVD, there is 16 songs mixed with 30 seconds transitions both in french and english which gives you zillions of mini files. When I’m trying to select only the ones I want and try to merge them, it creates a DVD structure and not one avi file. Is this normal ?

3rd problem : On that same disk, songs are about 4 minutes long. When doing a generic rip, and playing them back in WM player, the length is about 46 hours and you can see the image going to fast forward down to slow motion while the audio seems ok. Really really weird. All files from that DVD gives the same result. I don’t see that kind of behavior on other DVD.

thanks for any help


Your saying that all other DVD work fine on this 80gig Gen5 IPOD. But it is just this one DVD that is giving you problems? If this is the case I would look to see what stucture it gives you and go from there. Maybe it has to be changed.:confused: Just guessing.


yap but normal playback of the original DVD on any player is just fine


Hi jackeric and welcome to the forum. Without seeing the files and playing with the program a little I really cannot think of a reason for this, give it a while this is a worldwide forum and many are still sleeping so you may get some better feedback soon. :wink: