3 times the same disk 3 different scan results

I´m rather new to quality scans but I found some fun in scanning Disks - especially my new Taiyo Yuden TYG03 -R 16x.
I burnt a datadisk with my Pioneer 109 und checked afterwards the quality with my BenQ1640 - and double checked the results - triple checked them too and the results look rather different to me, especially the quality score.
Has someone an explanation for that?

Try doing it again with a scan speed of 4x and see what happens. But it still shouldn’t vary that much at 8x with TY media. Are you sure that you have DMA mode enabled on your benq…

DMA is activated on all IDE channels.
The scans at 4x are quite ok so far as you can see below.
Is it possible, that the Media is fake Taiyo Yuden? Or why are the scans at 8x so different?

That’s odd that you got PO Failures on that first scan, then the PIF’s just jumped on the 2nd and 3rd but no PO Failures. Strange. M/b it’s an issue with the 1640 & TYG03 reading.