3 Sheep DVD burners

Can anyone recommend some 3 Sheep DL DVD burners?

No such critter as of yet. There are a lot of good two sheep burners. Depends on what you are burning. IF you are copying a CD, most CD burners do a much better job then the best DVD burners. The better 2 sheep dvd burners are Plextor, Pioneer, Lite-on, LG, Toshiba, and some NEC’s do well.

There is no 3 sheep burner
And even most 2 sheep burners cant now beat the latest protections Including the liteons which fail with the newer safedisc…

Someone told me AOpen DUW1608 was 3 sheep. Is this false?

Yes it is false. Search the forum for your aopen. A lot of people have had problems with this burner. If you want the best success at copying, use a good 2 sheep burner, and the current versions of clonecd with anydvd running in background. Or there is Alcohol 120, blindwrite, etc… Do some reading in the copy protection forum.

This may be where your source got that information: