3 sheep burners?

Is there any burners that gets 3 sheep ? Gonna buy a new burner ASAP and why not get a 3 sheep burner if it is out there :slight_smile:

Tried to seach the forums and look at some of the test which CDfreaks have done but cant find any burners that gets 3 sheeps in score. Actually not many can even handle the safedisc V2.90.

Thanks for any replies in advance.

Somebody could sell a lot of drives if they would release a 3 sheep burner. They could charge a premimum even. So far, no one has the courage to do it.

It’s funny… the Plextor Premium is known for being able to copy almost any game in existance, yet it’s not 3-Sheep!?

Yep, But can I be sure that the Version 2 of the Plextor Premium can do the same, Cant find any test of it anywhere.

“Sheep test” has nothing to do with the latest protection schemes.
It is considering Savedisk 2 copy protected games.
From version 3.20 on the protection is VERY different.
The latest versions of “Safedisk protection” can be handled ONLY with emulation.

And NO, I don’t know of any late models that can pass “3 sheep test”!
As I’ve already said, it is all pointless.


This is only true of safedisc protected dvds. There are still a number of 2 sheep burners that can produce back-up copies of safedisc (any version) protected cds that will run on the majority of drives without emulation.

[As it happens, both my current burners can do so. :)]

And can you tell us which burner you have ?

Asus CRW - 5224A (cdr/w) and Lite-on 832S (dvdr/w).

So you mean that if I buy the 2 burners you got I would be pretty safe ?

sort of… you would have the best chance atm

I suspect that neither the Asus CRW-5224A nor the Lite-on 832S remains available for sale.

However, the Asus CRW-5232A remains available and has exactly the same characteristics as the CRW-5224A.

Before shelling out for one though, you should be aware of a number of pros and cons-


[li]Very accurate reader (can accurately read pre-gap of safedisc protected cds)
[/li][li]Very fast error skipper where errors not consecutive (i.e. safedisc)
[/li][li]2 sheep efm writer (can produce back-ups of safedisc protected cds that will work on majority of drives)
[/li][li]Good dpm analysis for securom protected cds (but at low speeds)


[li]General write quality is inferior to that of many other drives especially at speeds higher than 16x; indeed write quality generally is relatively poor at higher speeds unlees premium quality media is used and even then general write quality is likely to be inferior to that of other drives
[/li][li]Drive is not supported or is partially supported only by some applications (e.g. fireburner)
[/li][li]Whilst it can produce copies of safedisc 4 protected cds that will work in the majority of drives, they will not work in the Asus itself
[/li][li]Will only rarely permit the installation of a securom protected game or application from a twinpeak copy (though it will enable you to play from the twinpeak copy once installed)
[/li][li]Is unable to read discs burnt with certain applications (e.g. fireburner)

If you are thinking of buying one, I strongly suggest that you couple it with an ordinary dvd rom drive (preferably a Lite-on as Lite-on dvd roms are extremely tolerant of back-up copies) from which you can run your back-up copies.

You say it is only supported by a few applications. Does that mean that it can not work with alcohol120% or CloneCD ?

I will start to look after those 2 burners you got and see where I can find them.


I can get the Asus burner easy, however the Lite-on dvd r/w is a little more tricky. This is what shows up.

LiteOn SLW-831S DVD±RW (+R dobbeltlag) / 110 ms (CD) / 130 ms (DVD) / 24x (CD) / 8x (DVD) ® / 24x (CD) / 8x

LiteOn SLW-831SX DVD±RW (+R dobbeltlag) / 110 ms (CD) / 130 ms (DVD) / 24x (CD) / 8x (DVD) ® / 24x (CD) / 8x

LiteOn SOSW-833SX
(En gros) DVD±RW (+R dobbeltlag) / 110 ms (CD) / 130 ms (DVD) / 24x (CD) / 8x (DVD) ® / 24x (CD) / 8x

As you can see NO S-832 shows up :-(, Any ideas ?

No, what I said is that it isn’t supported by [B]some[/B] applications. It works well enough with most including both alcohol and CloneCD. :slight_smile:

Well I cant figure this out. I got the Asus burner. Tried burn my Navi CD which is Safedisc 2/3 protected. Looked good using both ALC120% and CloneCd. Min read and write speed with the right setup. The Navi system says it incompatible even it starts to read and do the software update fine. Then after that is done it seems like it then test the CD for compatibility.

I can figure out what to do now. The media is Verbatin Crystal Super AZO, which seems others have had succes with when burning this navi cd. I cant buy the old version of the Plextor Premium drive anymore, and cant figure out why that burner can do it and not the Asus you said where the best right now. Is it the Burner or the Media I shell change ? Or maybe just buy a new Car :-))

Help is really needed now :-(( ??

Looks like there’s at least one 3 sheep burner.
Though it doesn’t completeky ace the sheep test.


Does anyone keep a list of the best drives for backing up games to image files and another list of the best drives for writing those image files out to disks?

If it cannot successfully write [B]all[/B] possible weak sector patterns then, by definition, it is not a 3 sheep burner.

I dunno what to say Philamber.
The CDFreak review (http://www.cdfreaks.com/reviews/Asus-DRW-1612BL-DVD-Burner-Review/Page-10-Advanced-Tests.html)
says that it is a 3 Sheep Burner b/c is passes the “Three Sheep Burner SHEEP3” test and Womble’s “Sheep Test Guide” (http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=101608) says:

Yet this drive doesn’t pass the “Three Sheep Burner SHEEP3_Mode2Xa” test according to the review (http://www.cdfreaks.com/reviews/Asus-DRW-1612BL-DVD-Burner-Review/Page-10-Advanced-Tests.html).

Plextor Premium is not a 3 sheep burner but works extremely well with the AWS or EFM routines of the newest versions of Clone CD and Alcohol 120%!(a trully fantastic and unique CD-RW for Audio and Game cd protections either as a reader or a burner).The toshiba SD-5112 and SD-5372(early models) were extremely good efm burners close to 3 sheep.Most of the mediatec chipset based DVD burners(Samsung,Lite-on) are very capable efm burners but still not 3 sheep burners.If someone could prove that a certain burner is a true 3 sheep burner then the news should be spread to the public at once!

Don’t say anything, then!
Just listen to what philamber is telling you! :iagree: