[3] separate titles onto one disc?



I have been using the free trial versions of AnyDVD (but am considering trying ripit4me), and CloneDVD 2. Also, I’m using DVD Shrink 3.2 and ImgBurn with good results but what I really want to do is compile one (4.7gb) multiple title disc (approx. six hours) from separate, single title discs AND maintain them as individual titles with one main menu displaying each individual title. I can’t figure out how to do this on CloneDVD 2. I haven’t tried InterVideo DVD Copy 5 Platinum yet, but it claims to do this.
My questions are:

  1. Does ripit4me accomplish the same thing as AnyDVD?
  2. If so, will ripit4me and DVD Copy 5 Platinum work together?
  3. I am willing to purchase the program[s] such as AnyDVD and DVD Copy 5 Platinum but free is good too. Any suggestions for freeware instead of AnyDVD & DVD Copy 5 Platinum?
    I greatly appreciate all those who take their time to help those of us new to this.

  1. yes . . . ripit4me can rip and decrypt css encoded videos extremely reliably. no . . . ripit4me is not a resident/background running driver that decrypts on the fly .
  2. probably . . . ripit4me will copy videos to your hard disk, permitting most any program capable of working with such files to use them.
  3. you already know the answer to this question . . ripit4me (or dvdfabdecryptor), dvdshrink, imgburn.

Additional thoughts . .
. jamming 6 hours of video onto a single layer dvd media is most likely going to result in truly disappointing quality.
. i know of no way for clonedvd2 to select video titles from multiple original dvd’s DVDShrink is able to do this. but it cannot retain or create menus in re-author mode.
. i know of no free program that permits the development of custom menus in order to permit you to burn 3 titles from 3 different dvd’s onto 1 disc with a top menu to choose between those 3 titles. however, if all you want to do is be able to choose the very beginning of each of the 3 titles, you could just use the title selector function in your dvd player via your remote.


Thanks for your response to my questions.
I will most likely purchase AnyDVD as I like the way it runs in the background…unseen and unheard.
What I’ve been doing is burning titles onto DVD+Rs [typically three per disc] in my Philips DVDR recorder set at SLP speed from sat dish. The quality has been acceptable for my purpose so I assumed I could also “assemble” series titles [60-90 mins @] onto one disc thus saving space, not so much the cost of the discs. I’ve tried a number of times I believe using CloneDVD 2, Nero Producer and DVD Shrink but none of those would apply an initial menu so I could select which of the titles to play. At least none that my DVDR would recognize. They are all merged into one file. It was frustrating and I may have overlooked something[s] to try as I am new to this and may be somewhat confused. This weekend I will try again when I have more time. Also, I will post my results if/when I purchase DVD Copy 5 for others to review.
Thanks again for your help Rich…it is greatly appreciated!